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Feng Shui: Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui: Health, Wealth and Prosperity

By Aligned Signs (738 words)
Posted in Healthy Living on August 27, 2013

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The ancient Chinese culture has quite a few practices for use in routine life. Chinese Zodiac, to understand and predict behaviour, is one such system. Feng Shui , pronounced “Fung Shway”, is another gem from the Chinese wisdom. In recent times, it has been in vogue not just in Asia but in the Western world as well.

Feng Shui optimizes placement of objects and things in living spaces for the best possible energy flow. The underlying philosophy is that if all things are in harmony then the positivity created affects not just the material but also the spiritual elements of people living in those spaces.

The Chinese belief is that both the tangible and the intangible are a manifestation of the five basic elements: Wood, Earth, Fire, Water and Metal. The way these elements interact among themselves defines positive and negative energy cycles. Feng Shui is based on the same concept. Each element is associated with specific colors too.

Water – Blue and Black: brings calm energy, simplicity, clarity and pureness

Metal – White and Gray: brings the qualities of keenness, precision and proficiency, reducing distractions

Earth – Light Yellow and Light Brown: brings nourishment and stability

Fire – Red, Dark Yellow, Orange and Purple: brings passion and high energy

Wood – Green and Brown: brings vibrant vitality and growth

The interactions of the objects and their colors in the living space create a ‘Ba-Gua’. In English, this means an energy field. For instance, the energies in the south direction of your house are linked to your Fame. The South also has Fire as its element. So objects with colors of Fire (Red, Purple and Orange) should be placed in this direction. Conversely, the colors of water should be kept away from this direction as Water would kill the Fire of your Fame.

Feng Shui operates at many levels and to really benefit from the practice, it is necessary to apply its foundations before advancing. The first step is to have lots of air and sunshine in your space. This helps in cleansing the air and it is priority number one for any health benefits. If there are constraints to get fresh air then use air-purifying plants, incense sticks, oils or even mechanical air purifiers. Also make sure there is sufficient light. Correct amount of indoor artificial light can be a substitute for sunlight. Fact is light gives us nutrition and has a direct effect on our moods.

Next, remove the clutter. The centre of your living area is the focal point of all energies. This place is almost sacred as per Feng Shui and should always be open, clean and free from unwanted stuff. Infact clearing the clutter from the house leads to clear thinking and better energy levels for the inhabitants.

The next most important place in the house is the kitchen. It provides nourishment for life to prosper. It is also a storehouse of wealth. So the kitchen should not be near any of the exits as this leads to depletion of energy. Be sure to have some presence of the Yellow color in the eating area as it promotes digestion.

Mirrors play an important role in reflecting and re-directing energy.

 They can substitute for the energy of water as well. The ideal place for them is in the East or Southeast direction as these two are related with well-being and affluence respectively. Avoid placing a mirror in the South direction or on the wall opposite the main door.

Implementing the Feng Shui principles mean giving your body and home the respect that they deserve. These are simple directions to invite and guide positive vibrations. They add up and lead to substantial health benefits. Over a period of time, a hearty and blissful household inevitably marches towards prosperity and abundance!

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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