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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Share Your Love in Ways She Can Appreciate! Tips & Ideas by MBTI Type

Share Your Love in Ways She Can Appreciate! Tips & Ideas by MBTI Type

By Aligned Signs (1592 words)
Posted in Myers-Briggs® on May 27, 2015

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) helps you identify the various aspects of personality. While sometimes getting gifts for your loved one can be tough, knowing their MBTI type may hold the key to finding the perfect thoughtful gift!




She is reliable, quiet, and makes life easy for you. Here your gift needs to be practically useful. A tool set or a make-up kit with a number of brushes and a detailed tutorial will be endearing. Kitchen appliances like a sandwich maker or a juicer are also welcome.


She plays by the rules and always helps you with stuff. Gift her cook book from a star chef so that she can spread love feeding people! Free coupons for a Thai massage or tickets to opera will be great too since they love to share experiences.


She is smart and cares for people. And has loads of class! Books and magazine subscriptions are the way to go here. The biography of Gandhi clad in leather or yearlong copies of Reader’s Digest will be greatly valued.





She keeps to herself, does a lot of research and is tough to beat in an argument! To delight them you will have to be esoteric. Gift her CDs of the Russian language that she has been trying to learn. Or the latest album of that obscure band she listens to!


She is curious and has to know how everything works. She loves to use her hands. Gift her an elaborate Lego set or a kit to make her own small aeroplane. Then watch her prance around in joy! Surprisingly, a manual of the various parts in her motorcycle is also a good idea.


She is imaginative, laid back and probably vegetarian as she cares about animals. She will surely have an artistic talent, identify it. Enhance her creativity by gifting her clay modelling classes or start her off on guitar. Or probably sketching pencils?


She is really intelligent but just as sensitive. She loves to personalize her stuff too. Recognize the nerd in her and gift her gadgets. You will be surprised in the ways she will use an IPad to further her fantasies and dreams! Make sure you add a personal note; it will be treasured for ages.


You may not always get her but that is because intellectually she is on a different plane. She is not the social types. Elaborate puzzles, a book full of brain-teasers or an antique chess set are good ideas.


She knows how to be the centre of attention. She loves to tell spicy stories which enthral her audience. You are looking for something which adds to her social personality; a necklace, a fine evening gown or even a set of champagne glasses.


She is literally everywhere! She is so much into sports that you do not know a ‘sportier’ babe! If you are thinking skateboards, tennis lessons, or a ping pong table then you are on the right track.





She wonders about things a lot. And makes you hear her musings as she goes from one opinion to another. Let her explore further with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance! Encourage her to travel with a Lonely Planet guide to Brazil.


She is very ‘current’, infact she likes to be ahead of times. Treat her to a dinner at Michelin starred restaurant. Gift her first bottle of wine from a new organic vineyard. Or how about some exotic yoga classes? Essential point is you will sell it as something which is ‘the next big thing’!


She is a great planner and pays attention to the smallest detail. Best way to go is a gift card to the huge mall that has everything. Or something functional and useful like a great smartphone or an eBook reader.


She loves to host and make people happy. Gift her a dinner set or even a bar-tool set. An apron or a cook-book will also be appreciated.


She really cares about others’ opinions. She also likes to please everyone. Try memorizing her preferences and gift her something personal. Like her favourite perfume or shower gel. A customized set of jewellery. If she knows you remembered, she will be endlessly grateful.


She is the leader of almost any group she is part of. She loves power and your gifts should reflect that. Kickboxing classes, a hunting rifle or weights to tone her muscles are fine ideas here!




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