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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

What his Astrology Sign can tell you about his Love Style!

What his Astrology Sign can tell you about his Love Style!

By Aligned Signs (1003 words)
Posted in Western Astrology on April 16, 2014

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Everyone has a unique way of expressing love. It can sometimes be difficult to reconcile your expectations of you how you’d like your partner to show their love with what actually happens – and some people’s behaviours may be so different from yours, you may not even realize how affectionate they’re being! Luckily, his star sign may be able to shed some light on his trademark love style!


Above all, Aries is looking for a worthy opponent! If you’re important to him, he’ll want to make sure you’ve got the mettle to keep up with his fiery wit. His playful teasing and banter is a sure sign that he cares. Aries wants to be sure that you’ve got his back, so go along with the flirty rapid fire jokes and show him you can keep up!


His love is slow, but sure. He might make you wait to hear the words, but look at his actions: He will cook you dinners, pay you the sincerest compliments and give you the most thoughtful gifts. He is meticulous and will do every small thing right. When he does say “I love you” out loud, you can be sure he means it!



{#/pub/images/autumncouplesmaller.png}You’ll know a Gemini loves you when you find yourself with a personal stand-up comedian! He’s a funny guy regardless, but when he goes out of his way to make you laugh, you know he’s yours. He’s smart, too, so he’ll know just how to use his witty humour to flirt his way into your heart.


The Cancer is a big softy on the inside – when he really cares, he’ll show it by indulging you with creature comforts. Home cooked meals, flowers, and cozy nights in are all part of Cancer’s loving scheme to make you happy, comfortable, and trusting. Cancers can be worriers, so if he’s a little bit of a worrywart when it comes to you, it shows how important you are to him.


Like any big cat, Leos are playful. This can sometimes mean their flirting style is one big game – but not when it’s the real thing! When Leo’s in love, he’ll suddenly want to spend all his time with you without any coy games.  He can also be a little possessive.


Virgo has it all together, sometimes to the point of annoyance! His life is super organized, so if you want to be part of his life – you guessed it, you’re about to get organized too! He’ll want to keep you on schedule, clutter free, and meticulously organized. Just let it happen – he wants you to gel with his life, so learn to appreciate his help!


Libra can be such a flirt, it can be hard to tell if he puts you above the rest. But there are a few ways to tell: Look for how he mentions you to his friends, with a slight deference and a twinkle in the eye. He will always have a special pet name for you when you are alone!


Cerebral and passionate Scorpio is more of the strong, silent type. He may not come out and say he’s interested, but you’ll notice him checking you out... subtly, of course! Whether it’s when he thinks you’re not looking, in reflections, or from afar, his eyes will be on you at every opportunity. He’ll also take the time to really get to know you in conversation. No small talker, Scorpio will ask you unusual questions to really get inside your head.


Free-spirited Archer will take his time.  He hates feeling tied down, so he may not constantly be buzzing around -- but when he takes the time to call or text you daily, you know it’s love! You’ll know you’re really on the right track when he starts inviting you along to his travel plans. {#/pub/images/biracialsnugglecouplesmall.png}


Capricorn is always loyal, so once he’s yours, you won’t need to worry. But on the way there, he’ll want to test your worth. If he’s serious, he’ll ask a lot of questions making sure you’re the one.


It can be difficult to discern the depths of Aquarius’s emotion. He’s definitely unconventional, so don’t expect traditional flowers or other love tokens. He’ll show his interest by trying to get you involved with whatever it is that he’s in to – which is usually a bit out there! You’ll be introduced to new people and new experiences, but Aquarius always knows where the fun is. Enjoy the ride!


Pisces can be a little shy! You’ve probably already noticed that he’s hesitant to make the first move, so that may be on you. The way to know if he’s in deep is how chatty he gets with you. While normally on the quiet side, your Pisces will suddenly want to talk to you about EVERYTHING. You may have a hard time getting him to clam up again!


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Comments (1)

ThePaganSun posted on: November 8, 2018

STOP describing Leo like a "big cat." Leo is a LION . An apex predator so describe it as such! It is powerful, courageous, temperamental, fierce, determined,feral, and fiery, dominant, athletic,and strong. So get it straight already and describe it for what it is rather than what you modern astrologers are misguidedly trying to tame it into. Get your facts straight.

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