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Aligned Signs Blog

Posts filed under 'Western Astrology'

Daily Western Astrology Horoscopes

What do the stars have in store for you today? Check here daily to find out! Astrologers have been using the stars and constellations to determine what the future holds for centuries. Today could be your lucky day! SEE ALSO: 2015 Western Astrology...(more)

2015 Western Astrology Horoscope  — See What Is In Store For The Year!

Find out how 2015 will fare for your love life, career, travel, family, finances, and health. Just look up your Western Astrology sign in the infographic below!   SEE ALSO: Your Career Path... What Chinese Zodiac Has to Do With...(more)

Celtic Tree Astrology — What Does It Mean?

Stay Connected -            Many astrological systems believe that the time of a person’s birth has significant influence on his or her behavior, thoughts, and actions. The Chinese Zodiac and...(more)

Know, Love, or Are a Gemini? Find out who's most Compatible!

Stay Connected -          Know, Love or Are a Gemini? The mercurial Gemini packs in the power of two people into one! The Twins are jovial, free-spirited, expressive, and born entertainers. A good sense...(more)

Know, Love, or Are a Taurus? Relationship Compatibility with Other Signs

Stay Connected -          Know, Love, or Are a Taurus? Taurus is known to be a patient sign. Taurians plan and invest for long-term happiness. Strongly emotional and sensual, this sign knows how to...(more)

Aries Love Connection with Another Sign - How Do the Two of You Size Up?

Stay Connected -          Know, Love, or Are an Aries?  Get the inside scoop on relationship compatibility and connection! Aries is represented by the Ram. It is a sign full of positivity, robustness...(more)

What his Astrology Sign can tell you about his Love Style!

Stay Connected -          Everyone has a unique way of expressing love. It can sometimes be difficult to reconcile your expectations of you how you’d like your partner to show their love with what...(more)

Western Astrology Background and Basics

Stay Connected -          Western Astrology The origin of Astrology is supposed go back to the days of Atlantis: 11,000 BC, continuing to flourish through Babylon, ancient Greece and Rome.   The...(more)

Things You Probably DID NOT Know About Your Sun Sign!

Stay Connected -          The Western Astrology essentially charts the movement of the Sun through 12 constellations. Your stars are defined by the presence of Sun in a particular constellation at the time...(more)

Get to Know You in the New Year: 2014 Horoscope

Stay Connected -          A New Year brings with itself the excitement of a new beginning! And part of the fun is looking up our sun sign horoscopes for a sneak peek of the coming times! This is just one of...(more)

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