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Aligned Signs Blog

Posts filed under 'Western Astrology'

Aries Relationship Compatibility

Know, Love, or Are an Aries?  Get the inside scoop on relationship compatibility and connection! Aries is represented by the Ram. It is a sign full of positivity, robustness and physical might. Here is a brief idea about how Arians connect in...(more)

What his Astrology Sign can tell you about his Love Style!

Everyone has a unique way of expressing love. It can sometimes be difficult to reconcile your expectations of you how you’d like your partner to show their love with what actually happens – and some people’s behaviours may be so...(more)

Western Astrology
Posted in Western Astrology on April 9, 2014
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Western Astrology The origin of Astrology is supposed go back to the days of Atlantis: 11,000 BC, continuing to flourish through Babylon, ancient Greece and Rome.   The theory of Astrology is based on the fact that when a star or planet...(more)

Things You Probably DID NOT Know About Your Sun Sign!

The Western Astrology essentially charts the movement of the Sun through 12 constellations. Your stars are defined by the presence of Sun in a particular constellation at the time of your birth.  These stars are then thought to play a part in...(more)

Get to Know You in the New Year: 2014 Horoscope

A New Year brings with itself the excitement of a new beginning! And part of the fun is looking up our sun sign horoscopes for a sneak peek of the coming times! This is just one of the many ways how astrology can help. Capricorn You might feel a...(more)

Gift Ideas by Astrology Sign Matching

Want to give the perfect gift, just have no idea what it is yet?  Here are a few tangible ideas to help you out! All you have to know is their birthday.  Still not sure or don't have time to go pick something up?  That's okay, pop on...(more)

Your Ruling Planet: Everything You Need To Know

The ruling planet of your star sign is responsible for all major characteristics attributed to it. For example, a Leo gets it charisma from the Sun and Aries its vitality from Mars! For inhabitants of any particular sign, the ruling planet is more...(more)

Sun Sign Romantic Compatibility: Which Signs are a Match?

Western Astrology is based on the logic that the position of stars can tell us a lot about ourselves. If interpreted correctly it also has predictive power about all aspects of our life. So it is no surprise that you can get interesting pointers...(more)

Date Night Ideas For Your Zodiac Sign

Dreaming up that original idea to win over your new date can be difficult. What’s more, you are scared of striking out as you can never be sure what s/he will prefer! Well, astrology can help at this point. The Sun Signs give clear indications of...(more)

Get to Know Virgo – Strengths, Weaknesses, Relationships, Career

Virgo is the sixth among twelve signs of Western Astrology. People born between the periods of August 23rd to September 22nd  in any year have Virgo as their Sun Sign. This is because the Sun moves through Virgo constellation during this...(more)

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