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6 Productivity Hacks to Try (That Don’t Require Technology)

6 Productivity Hacks to Try (That Don’t Require Technology)

November 6, 2015

Turns out, you don’t need the latest high-tech gadget or app to keep you on task with yourworkflow and productivity monitoring. In fact, some entrepreneurs stick with old-school task-tracking methods that wind up being just as effective as pricey alternatives. That’?s why we asked six entrepreneurs from FounderSociety the following question:

Q. What is your top productivity ?hack? that involves NO technology?



1. Go for a Walk

Take a break, get up, and go for a walk. Leave the phone on your desk. Your brain continues to work on things in the background–I’ve had many “eureka” moments just strolling around the office looking for coffee. It takes the edge off your day, and in the long run, 15-20 minutes away from your desk won’t break you. –Michael WasilewskiFrank Collective

2. Make To-Do Lists on Traditional Post-It Notes

Despite all the to-do apps and task management tools out there, I still use old-fashioned Post-it notes. I jot down my high-priority tasks for the day/week in one-to-three words on a Post-It. Stick the Post-It somewhere annoying, like hanging off your keyboard or monitor, and check off items as you go. There is nothing more satisfying in my day than crumpling up a completed Post-It and throwing it into the trash. –Jordan GurrieriBlue Label Labs

3. Prioritize

You can’t be productive if you don’t have priorities. You certainly won’t feel productive if you always over-promise and under-deliver. Falling short of your goals demotivates you AND makes it hard to communicate with your team. I recommend prioritizing just one task a day that is truly important to accomplish. Another pro tip: If you can’t remember your priority tasks for the week, you have too many. –Cristina GarmendiaOur City

4. Write Down Your Priorities

Write down your top three priorities for the day before you open up your computer. Keep them in a place next to you so that you see them all day, even when other urgent but less important tasks come up. –Lisa CurtisKuli Kuli

5. Deligate to the Right People

It’s tempting to want to do everything yourself (especially when you first start out) but unfortunately there are just not enough hours in the day. Becoming comfortable handing over tasks to others to help you accomplish your goals is a game changer. This way the task is done well and in a time-efficient manner. –Jessica BakerAligned Signs

6. Use Canned Responses for Emails

I recently started using canned responses on Gmail and it saves me from having to write the same old email over and over again. As a non-technical co-founder, this is the best simple hack I can imagine! –Mike Filbey, Canary  


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