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7 Qualities All Startup Hires Should Share

7 Qualities All Startup Hires Should Share

November 10, 2015

Look for these key traits before offering your next position to a potential candidate.


Question: What one quality do you believe all hires need to work for a startup?


A Desire to Learn

"Working at a startup and working at a corporate job is very different. In a startup environment, you will likely be asked to be innovative in finding solutions, to do a variety of tasks, and encouraged to work smarter, not harder. Having a desire and openness to learn and be innovative is a must."

Aligned Signs

Business Development Skills

"All startup business positions become a wider role than expected and quickly evolve and change. In addition, a self-starting attitude is vital. Therefore, business development skills (the ability for the person to develop their role themselves) are essential."

Legend Times Group


"Any new hire at a startup needs to have patience. Things never move as fast as you think. If you get too bound up holding your breath, you will turn into a ball of stress and become unproductive. Take a deep breath and be patient. Good things come to those who wait."

Small Screen, Inc.


"Startups require exceptionally flexible people who have a whatever-it-takes mentality. Hustle is the gene that, though hard to screen for, is completely necessary in the small, challenging environment of a startup. People with hustle are willing to take risks, solve problems creatively and manage themselves. A team with hustle will beat a more conservative team every time."

GetOutfitted, Inc.


"When working at a startup, resources are going to be limited and everyone will wear a lot of different hats. Knowing how to teach yourself how to do certain things is a must. Google it if you don't know how to do something and then try to teach yourself."


Dedicated Passion

"When you work at a startup you have a specific role to fill. You aren't just a spoke in a wheel. You need to be someone who needs to think wider (like an owner), work long hours, weekends and even holidays. It takes dedicated passion to survive and contribute real value, so hustle hard and create the future you desire."



"Whether you are at a venture backed or bootstrapped startup, you need to have grit. Yes, hustle, passion and smarts all fall into the category of "must haves" for startup employees, but startups go through inevitable ups and downs. Having strength of character, resolve and courage to get through whatever challenges are in front of you is what makes or breaks a winning team."

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