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All Business: Here Are 10 Essential Office Items We Can’t Live Without

All Business: Here Are 10 Essential Office Items We Can’t Live Without

April 16, 2018

Here Are 10 Essential Office Items We Can’t Live Without




Your office is your home away from home. You spend as much time there (if not more) than you do in your own living room. The items you surround yourself with are very important. They can help you to be more productive, and in some instances, you virtually can’t live without them.


Question: What is one item you can’t do without in your office, and why?

1. Great attitude

A positive attitude and collaborative spirit are essential. We are very focused on having a great environment around us so that we can do our best every day. To overcome any issue, it’s important to be surrounded by people with positive energy who are working toward a common goal. This ensures that the best possible solution can be found. —Jessica BakerAligned Signs



2. Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Alexa has become our go-to office DJ and our source of truth for random questions. —Jim HuffmanGrowthHit


3. CRM

The one thing that would really hinder business would be not having our customer relationship management (CRM). Keeping organized and working efficiently is essential to our job; the CRM allows us to work in order of importance and not miss important deadlines. —Bryan DriscollThink Big Marketing, LLC


4. Asana

We love Asana! It’s a great way to eliminate email clutter, delegate projects, and manage multiple clients and multiple moving parts across teams throughout the country, allowing you to track everything in one simple dashboard. —Angela DelmedicoElev8 Consulting Group


5. Our whiteboard

Our agency often works through omnichannel marketing strategies, which need to account for a lot of moving parts, controlled variables, and unknowns. A whiteboard helps our team to draw out the ecosystem that exists for each one of the brands that we work with, and it assures that we maintain context and perspective. —Justin MoodleyLASANAN

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6. A list of all current clients

We’ve got a giant whiteboard in our office with all of our clients listed on it. At the beginning and the end of each day, we look at it and decide how we can best allocate our resources among clients that day. Which of our clients is waiting on a response from us? Who needs something done immediately? It really helps us stay on track and ensure we’re giving them the attention they deserve. —Claire WinslowBest Practice Media


7. Notebook

I would for sure miss my handy notebook. I’m always jotting down different ideas and tasks to remember and carry out. —Kurt AkersKannatopia


8. Goals and purpose

Having clear-cut goals and purpose is the key to everyone’s success in the workplace—not just monetary goals, but culture goals, relationship goals, transparency goals, and project goals. As leaders, if we lead our team with openness and transparency, we create understanding, trust, and loyalty. If we let our team be an integral part of the process, we give them a sense of power and purpose. —Melissa RautenbergLatin & Code


9. Basketball hoop

Our team loves to work hard and compete. Having a mini basketball hoop in the office allows us to unwind and have a little friendly competition amongst the team between meetings, calls, and executing for our clients. —Ryan O’ConnellBoomn


10. Food

I find that having snacks available at arm’s reach is key to productivity, especially on those long days when it might be difficult to sit down and have a proper meal. Munching on what’s at hand gives us energy when we need it the most. I try to keep healthy granola bars and drinks stocked in the office at all times. I find it more productive to grab a bar than making a quick run and eating in the car. —Ajmal SaleemSuprex Learning


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