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Career Success and Your Myers-Briggs Personality

As we all know, our personalities say a lot about us. Some of us like being out with friends at a crowded bar, while others prefer cozying up to a book at home. The way we are in our personal lives also carry over into our work lives as well. Those who like to go out on the weekends also tend to be the ones who take the reigns on a lot of projects at work. As for the others who prefer a quiet night in, they tend to thrive in their careers when working alone. 

But can our personality really affect how successful we are at our jobs? According to a survey conducted by Truity Psychometrics, your Myers-Briggs Personality Type can predict how well you succeed in your career! Truity even created a great Infographic that breaks down how various MBTI's do when it comes to job performance, happiness, and even average salary. Check out the Infographic below!






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