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VIDEO: Introducing Our Mobile App!

The Aligned Signs mobile app is the only self-awareness and relationship platform offered today that enables you to connect with other like-minded people based on three key time-withstanding personality identifiers: Western Astrology, Chinese Zodiac, and the Myers-Briggs® personality Type Indicator.  

Have fun empowering yourself with self-realization and then bond with others that want to get to know the authentic you!

AVAILABLE NOW on IOS and Android!

These tools were chosen because we at Aligned Signs believe the first essential step is about getting to know you better—an integral component before being paired with someone else, that so many other sites just skip right over.  Better understand how you make decisions, interpret the world, take in information, and gain insight into how others might see or interpret your behavior, and much more. Be confident in who you are, because confidence is sexy! You will see how others positively add value in your life experiences and have fulfilling relationships of all kinds: professionally, socially, and romantically.


  • FREE to browse member profiles
  • FREE to create a profile and upload photos
  • FREE to see daily matches
  • FREE to learn about your Western Astrology sign
  • FREE to learn about your Chinese Zodiac sign
  • FREE to learn about the MBTI® personality tool
  • FREE to Wave hello to anyone
  • FREE to email a limited number of people






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