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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

10 Last Minute Valentine's Ideas That Will Surely Be A Hit

10 Last Minute Valentine's Ideas That Will Surely Be A Hit

By Aligned Signs (933 words)
Posted in Relationships on February 12, 2016

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2016 has been off to a crazy start that it's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is just days away. Where did January go and how is it already February? If you've just realized that it's Valentine's weekend or are still struggling to plan out the perfect date, you'll want to check out the list we've curated. From neat tech that can help make the 14th go smoother to cute date ideas you can do for your long-distance love, we've got something for everyone.


1. Start at the Beginning:

Valentine's Day is still one of the most romantic days of the year but it has been plagued as being too commercial as well. To really ensure that your special person feels the love, you shouldn't go the generic route of cards and chocolates. Instead, take your significant other back to where it all started. Maybe it was the coffee shop down the street where your eyes first met or it was in the stairwell at work. Taking your partner back to that spot and just reliving that moment is sure to spark up some memories.

2. Home-Cooked Meals


Nothing says love more than a delicious home-cooked meal. Taking time to prepare the perfect meal just shows your partner how much you really care about them. If you've both discussed cooking meals together, then maybe ask your partner if they want to help out. It'll be a great bonding experience.

3. Scattering Love Notes in Random Places


We live in a world of text messages and emails. It's nice to receive hand written messages every once and awhile, so why not on Valentine's Day? Try putting your love notes in places they wouldn't expect like their pocket, wallet, or shoe. If you're in a long-distance relationship, try getting a friend or family member to help you place the notes around their place. 

4. Staying In


Going out for a fancy meal is nice but not on one of the busiest days of the year. Save that fancy date for another day and stay in instead. Build a pillow/blanket fortress and watch your favorite movies/TV Shows.  

5. Local Field Trip


Want to go somewhere fun but don't want to deal with crowds? Try using The Field Trip app! The app is owned by Google and uses your location to find cool, possibly undiscovered places around you. With different categories in the app that you can search under, there's bound to be something that'll tickle your fancy.

6. Scavenger Hunt


Planning a Scavenger Hunt is not only fun and creative, but also incredibly romantic. Plan the hunt around important events and memories in your relationship. Even if you might be long-distance, it's a sweet way of being there with your loved one without actually being there. If you're more tech-savvy and would rather do this digitally, you should check out the Klikaklu app.

7. Create a Scrapbook/Photo Album


A picture is worth a thousands words, so why not create an entire album full of amazing moments. Buy a scrapbook at a local craft store and have your favorite pictures printed and ready to go. When your love gets home, you guys can decorate and place these pictures in whatever order you want together. 

8. Create a Playlist


If your special person is a music lover, you should create a playlist of love songs that remind you of them. The playlist could also be filled with their favorite songs or songs you think they'd love. You can keep the playlist digital by sharing it with them on Spotify, or you can download the songs onto a CD to send to them.

9. Book a Massage


Couples massages are probably booked for the entire weekend but with Zeel Massage App, you can have that massage in the comfort of your own home! The app allows you to choose the type of massage you'd like, and you are allowed to book them all the way up to the day of. 

10. Customize a Gift


Getting a customized gift for your partner is the best gift you can give. Red roses and a necklace are great but what would make those gifts even better is if you arranged the roses yourself or you got a message engraved on the necklace. Our favorite customizable gift at the moment is making your own photo-reel for a ViewMaster. You can get that done at Image3D.


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