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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

10 Things You Didn't Know About Yourself!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Yourself!

By Aligned Signs (1205 words)
Posted in Healthy Living on August 12, 2015

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We like to consider ourselves logical, rational beings. But there are so many of our inner motivations that are driven by feelings and evolutionary pressures. They operate at such a deep level that we scarcely even realize them.  So if you are sitting there trying to figure out what isn’t working in your life, understanding a few basic psychological facts might open that door for you.


1) Food, sex and danger are simply irresistible! Here is why…

The brain operates at 3 levels:

a)      logical  -  analyses situations

b)      Emotional  - processes feelings

c)      Primeval  -  survival instincts


This last level is a legacy of our evolution as we progressed from reptiles to humans. Your mind constantly scans the environment and checks if it can eat something, procreate with something or will something kill it!

Having realized this, it is important not to fight this urge or feel guilty about it.


2) ‘You can't teach an old dog new tricks" …Think again!

Imagine you are given a device and told that you can read books on it. Intuitively, you will start pushing buttons. You will know which menus to select and how to optimize views.

This happens because of ‘mental models’. Simply put, a mental model is your intuition telling you how a particular object functions. Through your experiences and interactions with the world, you have these preconceived ideas which you can consider as outlining dots. When you pick something up, your mind starts connecting these dots!


3) Story time

The human brain pays most attention to stories because it is a format it loves! They are powerful tools which sustain attention. Also the connections in the story help in storing and processing information. Most importantly, the recall of the data is very quick because of the cause and effect aspect of stories. So if you are trying to remember something, just make an elaborate story out of it and you will be surprised how well it comes to mind when needed.


4) Where is your Ground Zero?

All of us dream of winning the lottery. It will give us all the toys of pleasure; a big house, many cars and unlimited vacations. And all of us dread the prospect of getting fired; what will happen to the mortgages? What if a family member were to fall ill?

Truth is our reactions to future are exaggerated. There is an inner chemical regulator inside our brains which helps us deal with any tragic or euphoric situation. After a few moments of extreme reaction, we come back to same level of contentment. This happens because of the release of hormones in such situations. Both ecstasy and tragedy are countered and generally we feel the same amount of happiness as before.


5) Time flies, sometimes.

Have you noticed that the trip back from somewhere always feels shorter? Essentially it has taken the same time on the clock, say two hours, but you felt that time went faster while returning.

The interval of time you perceive has gone by depends on the mental processing that you do. A difficult ten minute task feels longer than half an hour if you have to focus mentally at each step.

Secondly, passage of time also depends on your expectations from previous experiences. If traffic holds you up for an hour when you generally reach office in thirty minutes than you get more frustrated!

A key takeaway from this knowledge is to always manage people’s expectations about the duration it takes by providing progress indicators. Once they know how long you are going to take for a task, they will switch off mentally too, allowing you more freedom to accomplish what you need to.


6) Think vs. Feel

Current research indicates that you are more likely to make decisions based on your gut feeling when you are in cheerful frame of mind! On the other hand, you will be more deliberate and rational when you are upset.

Another aspect to this is, in cases where you have a simple structured decision to take, you will probably go with your logic. But in times of uncertainty and complications, you will favour your intuition to decide the best for you.


{#/pub/images/41794012_s.jpg}7) Reading between the lines

You read faster at 100 characters per line, in one single wide column format.  However, you prefer reading 45 to 72 characters per line, in multiple columns format.


8) 1 (800) Call -You

Your short term memory stores only 3-4 things for about 20 seconds (unless you repeat them over and over). So, keep that in mind when learning new things, break it up into chunks, like a phone number.


9) Mental Memoirs require rebuilding

Recalling a memory seems like watching a movie in our mind. As such, it’s easy to think that we access the movie clip when we want to watch it, but that’s not the case.  Instead there are nerve pathways that are firing anew each time an event is elicited. So, as a result, the more often a memory is generated soon after the event and repeatedly accessed overtime, the more likely it is closer to be accurate. However there are always interesting effects that have the potential to affect the memory when its reconstructed each time, like subsequent memories/mixing events, filling in the gaps, and the words used when describing the memory previously.


10) Less is MORE

Dopamine (a hormone and neurotransmitter) controls the “enjoyment’ system of the brain to seek out certain behaviour’s, such as sex, food and drugs.  It also encourages us to find information addictive, leaning to prefer more options until confidence in one decision is attained.

However, with too many options, it increases the inability to make a decision on one.  So if you are shown two tables, one with 24 of jars of jam and the other with 6 jars of jam.  Which do you think you will be drawn to?  Most would wander over to the table with 24 jars on it to explore and taste.  However, if you are actually want to make a purchase, studies show that you are more likely to do so if you are at the table with only 6 choices.



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