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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

10 Tips to Find True Love this Year!

10 Tips to Find True Love this Year!

By Aligned Signs (1102 words)
Posted in Relationships on January 20, 2014

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Who does not dream about true love? For quite a few singles, seeking this ‘holy grail’ of life will be one of the top priorities of the year! Below are suggestions to make the quest a little easier!

Find your ideal match in 2014!

1) Take your time

Make sure you go on plenty of dates with someone before you promise exclusivity.  Yes, at first glance this might sound fun but dating often can feel like a part time job.  Don't give up and settle into a relationship quickly because you are tired of the merry-go-round.  Dating is often a numbers game until you have a clear picture of what your relationship goals are. So, have fun and try your luck with multiple people.  If he or she is really the one you want to build a life with then they will take the time to build assurances your vulnerability is safe with them.

2) Enjoy the date

To be truly yourself, you will need to relax and calm your mind.  Too often, people become self-conscious or nervous.  Such thoughts show in the body language and end up creating a barrier.

You deserve to enjoy yourself on the date so feel free to do so as long as it does not come at the emotional expense of another.

3) Don't over-think the experience

When the date is over, savor the moments.  Once you start asking questions like, ‘What does he really think of me?’ or ‘Is she really serious?’ you have started a downward spiral into a battle you will surely loose if you allow self doubt to creep onto the scene. Subsequently, only making yourself more anxious. We are reminded of point number two and the mental anguish avoidance benefits of dating more than one person.

4) Express your feelings

At any stage in a relationship, it is advisable to be honest about your feelings. Let him or her know if something about the relationship is bothering you. If she is always late or he keeps bringing up his ex then the topic needs to be addressed in a calm and non-confrontational way.

Are you ready to find love?5) Be yourself 

This is really important. Your partner needs to like you for who and what you are.  Don't pretend to enjoy something you truly despise or act is a manner that does not showcase your authentic self.  Dress, talk and act like you normally do. If you disagree on something, don’t be scared to voice your opinion.  Differences are what make the other person intriguing and sparks curiosity to take a peek into a view of the world from another perspective.

6) Keep the balance 

In order to woo a special significant other you might be tempted to shower her with gifts or always cook dinner for him.  Often there is a forced tendency to try and make things happen just because you want to be in a relationship. Mates appreciate a foundation they have helped to build and become emotionally closer when both sides are able to give.  If someone wants to be with you, they too will make the efforts needed to contribute to the overall happiness of the courtship!

7) Be kind to yourself

There will be people with whom it just will not work out no matter what steps are taken.  In these such instances, do not blame yourself for the eventual termination.  Wisdom is in recognizing these situations early on as you learn what types of relationships are the most fulfilling.  Do not put unrewarded efforts into relationships which push them along at a personal cost. Nobody likes feeling victimized or used so don't put yourself in that position.  A strong sense of self-worth only enhances your desirability thus making you more attractive.

8) Be kind to them

Biases can suck the life out of potential dream romances. Be yourself and give your dates a chance to be themselves. Judging to early on will get you a nice nudge in the rear end.  Truly knowing someone does not happen immediately.  Allocate some time and energy to be present and engaged in the experience.  There are countless stories where first impressions were inaccurate and romances flourished long after the initial get together.

9) The right person will always understand

Once you have passed the getting to know someone fluffy phase and into the deeper layers of someones heart desire, feel free to let go and be vulnerable in the relationship.  Hopefully, you will be more comfortable sharing your secrets at this point.  If you speak honesty and from the heart the right person will not judge you.  In fact, this is a major test of unconditional love as you want to be with someone who appreciates your strengths but embraces your weaknesses.

10) Be open

Most of us have a fantasy or idea associated with the special person we envision complementing our lives.  The notion can range from a variety of things; how they will enter our lives, their demeanor, appearance or even how their body feels next to our own.  This year is different.  Make a pact with yourself to toss out those preconceived images and be receptive to love from any direction.  Your potential life partner may turn out to be the complete opposite of what you had in mind and love you exactly how you need to be loved.

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