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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

10 Tips to Make Love Last and Your Relationship Stronger!

10 Tips to Make Love Last and Your Relationship Stronger!

By Aligned Signs (1286 words)
Posted in Healthy Living on October 24, 2013

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Create a strong relationship bondLove is a complicated feeling. Few people truly understand it. It is often confused with attraction, friendship, or even need for support. But whatever it is, we humans cannot do without it. Unconditional acceptance, happy co-existence and validation are concepts which make life a pleasure to live.

These are many reasons we get into relationships. And when a relationship ends, the loss causes immense heart burn and mental distraction. Relationships can be great fun at the onset while getting to know someone new. There is passion, excitement, and the sheer joy of being with someone and making memories. But when the honeymoon phase eventually curtails off, it’s important to continue to make an effort for keeping the flame for one another alive.

1) Compromise - There are a lot of adjustments to be made from both sides and sometimes things can get ugly due to disagreements. But the benefits of keeping at it far outweigh the ones of giving it up, in the long run, especially when you have really found that special someone. On more sensitive topics, it might be helpful to reach out to an unbiased party, like a therapist or counsellor to help amicably resolve a topic in a way both of you feel satisfied.

2) Mix it Up - When things become ‘same old’ and ‘routine’, change up your situation. Instead of going to the movies, catch a play at a nearby theater. Or instead of grabbing a drink at a bar after work together, make a date at an art bar where you can create a keepsake for one another while sipping on wine. Instead of going to dinner, go apple picking and then venture out to somewhere new for lunch.

3) Make Time for What’s Important – Yes, life is busy, but that is one thing that will never change. Take time out for your priorities, your loved one.  A date at least once a week is essential. Whether it’s doing something new or just staying in and ordering pizza and watching a movie together, make sure there is just the two of you. Many couples think they already see a lot of each other so what is the point of spending more time together? The key here is the quality of time. Take these moments and ask for updates on your partner’s likes, dislikes, current stress triggers, and new interests. People change over time, continue show you are interested in their personal growth, while making your partner feel special. It works both ways and the effort taken every few days to remind yourself why you are in the relationship certainly makes you both more committed.

4) Intimacy – What separates you and your partner from you and a friend is the level of intimacy between the two of you as a couple. There doesn’t need to be a reason or special time to make love! But it helps if you are at it at least once a week! Sex was designed to bring a man and a woman together. Hormones, oxytocin, and vasopressin are released that deepen feelings of attachment and commitment. It is a scientifically proven fact. The intimacy, the openness, and release of hormones replenish the bond that you forged. Take the effort required to really get in the "mood." It is not just something to be ticked off a list! If this means trying new things, so be it!

Bond with your partner and enjoy their company!

5) Emotional Connection - Long lasting and successful relationships have one thing in common, trust. Without exaggeration, this is the essence of a relationship. Your partner should be someone you are most comfortable with. S/he should be the one tuned into your most private thoughts and intimate feelings. If something is bothering you, s/he is the person who should know, even if it does not concern him or her directly. This will help you think through the situation better and the sharing will bring you closer.

6) Communication - At every stage conveying your thoughts about the relationship should be clear and honest. Things in life are not always fantastic and there will be instances when you need to speak the bitter truth about what is on your mind. Speak out but be conscientious to choose the right moment. Make sure your partner is comfortable and not stressed out when you are about to start a difficult conversation.

7) Show Affection – When you were in the courting stage, showing your appreciation for one another was a necessity.  And now that you know they know you love him/her, it’s easy to stop making that extra effort.  Reignite that fire and complement your partner each day, rub his/her back, give them your undivided attention when they are speaking.  These little things go a long way.

8) Common Goals – This might seem intuitive but you would be surprised how many couples get down the timeline and then realize they have different goals/visions for their life.  Share where you see your life going, timeline targets, and what these things mean the most to you. Then figure out ways to work together toward achieving commonalities.

9) Anger – When your partner is angry, this is the time to listen. Allow each other to take turns being angry, rather than turning something that was about conveying feelings into a heated fight.   Attempted to decipher what the underlying emotion is.  For example, “The only thing you care about is your job!” might really mean “I miss you, please spend more time with me.”

10) Acceptance – Sometimes there are things that are just unsolvable, issues that keep resurfacing. Try to accept that some things are just unable to be resolved completely. Each time the topic comes up, try to take turns to better understand the underlying cause of the difficulty.  Each should be making an attempt to come to some new small concession for one another in an effort to continue to chip away at the mountain.

If the subtleties are handled correctly, it is not difficult to nurture a promising partnership. Making your partner feel special, making love with passion and being honest are the broad ideas. When you add your creativity, nuances and feelings to them, it will serve like a magic concoction for your relationship; keeping it fresh, alive and deep at all times!

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