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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

15 Things to Keep your Relationship Healthy and Loving

15 Things to Keep your Relationship Healthy and Loving

By Aligned Signs (919 words)
Posted in Relationships on December 17, 2015

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Relationships are the spice of life. Your life is full of zest and enthusiasm and all seems well with the world when you're in one. But like all great things, relationships take work and aren't always smooth sailing. If you've been lucky enough to have found the right person at the right stage of your life, then you better keep in mind that you too will have to work at it to keep it going! Here a 15 tips to help keep the love alive.

1. Communicate

You both will have different expectations and different priorities. At all times, the communication should be constant, clear and most importantly, in the right tone and spirit. Remember, your aim is not to start a fight, but to avoid future ones.

2. Understand Gender Differences

Your girl always has a ‘bad time of the month’; your guy never wants to shave his unruly facial hair! Since we are built differently, we will think differently. The key is to remember that we will both want and need different things but we have to learn to accept each other's choices and complement one another. 


3. Count to 10 when Angry

Stay away from anger as much as you can. It is a cliché that will do more for your relationship than you can imagine. Most issues are dealt with better when you are in a more rational frame of mind.

4. Change Yourself

When you spend a considerable amount of time with someone, you will find yourself slowly being moulded into a different version of you. This is a natural change and do not resist it. Know that the same process is happening with your partner and it is generally for the better.

5. Give Respect

Never take your partner for granted. Respect their decisions, celebrate their success and always try to make them feel special.


6. Blame Yourself First

Do not put the blame on your partner. Generally what bothers you begins with you. Be self-aware and find the root of the cause for your disturbance before involving your partner. Be mindful that you should not project your own flaws onto your partner.

7. Don't Avoid Conflict

An argument is helpful if it solves problems that have been boiling up for some time. Voices may rise and passions may run high but it is better to have an argument than to continue keeping things bottled up. It helps if you choose your fights. Clear communication will take care of trivial matters.

8. Don't Hide Your Weaknesses

Put yourself out there. Once you feel secure and confident in your relationship, share everything. It could be past deeds, unresolved traumas or inexplicable fears. A strong relationship can actually heal a lot of emotional pain.


9. Make Time For Yourself

Privacy and space for both of you is of massive importance. You do not need to spend every minute together. Pursue your own hobbies. Keep making new friends. You can even try taking trips separately. 

10. Choose a "Couple" Activity

Find a common interest and do it together. Take a trip into the city and do some street photography. Always wanted to try out a cooking class? Go for it! All that matters is that you are trying new things you both haven't tried together. It keeps the relationship fresh and you may learn something new about your significant other in the process.


11. Gifts

Try making your gifts personal, like cooking his favourite dessert. Remember the little things like their favorite author or musician, so that you can pre-order that author's next book or even get tickets to that artists' next show. Keep in mind that gifts are not always material objects. Words of affirmation and love are gifts as well. Appreciate your partners for what they do for you and tell them that. 

12. Work On Your Connection

Talk about how your relationship has evolved over the years. Think and discuss about what makes the both of you want each other. If possible, list your common goals and set timelines.

13. Be Self-Dependent

Do not be a burden on your partner. Take support but be in charge of your life. Be accountable for your decisions and understand that you alone can make yourself happy and sad!


14. Trust Your Partner

In a great relationship you will always give the benefit of the doubt to your partner, even in their darkest times. Think the best of them. Think about the good times and all of the great moments. It will be difficult, but it will change your approach to a tricky situation for the better.

15. Do Not Tire of Physical Intimacy

Keep the sex exciting! Try new ideas in bed. Remember, every experience you share together adds to your story!



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Comments (2)

swati sharma posted on: January 1, 2016

Interesting & impressive post, we need to understand these things & apply it.

payal gupta posted on: January 1, 2016

thanks for nice tips for healthy relationship...!!!

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