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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

200+ Things to Do in 2016

200+ Things to Do in 2016

By Aligned Signs (2612 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on January 6, 2016

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It's almost 2016 which means we're all thinking about our new years resolutions & how to be a better person. This list includes things to do and 2016 new year tips and new year ideas to try! Instead of attempting to change and putting so much pressure on ourselves, we need to look at 2016 as the opportunity to do new things! This is my list of 218 Things To Do in 2016 and if you have any thoughts or ideas for things to add to this list- feel free to leave your comments below!


1. How to change a flat tire
2. How to invest your money wisely... and efficiently
3. What your signature cocktail is & how to make it
4. How to shoot a weapon (take advantage of your Second Amendment rights!)

5. How to cook at least one meal you love to absolute perfection
6. Which perfume/cologne is your 'signature' scent
7. How to drive a stick
8. The correct way to set a table
9. All about a charity that interests/fascinates you- & donate to it!

10. Ballroom dancing
11. The proper way to perform CPR
12. Your family history
13. The history of your city/town
14. To study & learn what each 2016 presidential candidate believes- & why you agree/disagree
15. Something you've forgotten
16. Something you've always wanted to know
17. The basic beliefs about each religion- regardless of what religion you do/don't follow
18. How to cook one ethnic recipe

19. Basic geography- you know, all the places you've forgotten since 6th grade
20. One impressive, random thing... like making balloon animals, tying a cherry stem into a knot in your mouth, juggling, etc
21. How to iron like an expert
22. How to fold a fitted sheet
23. The ability to get around without relying solely on your GPS
24. All the new 2016 slang/terms used by the youngsters (because YOLO)
25. To build a fire & basic survival skills
26. The proper way to type/write a letter

27. How to tie a tie or bowtie
28. Forgiving someone who has done you wrong
29. The ability to know when it's best to leave somethings unsaid
30. What your core beliefs & opinions are
31. How to play pool or win at darts (or other frivolous bar games)
32. To listen more
33. How to make one meal that's not only good but takes no time at all to cook
34. Basic sewing 101
35. How to go through an entire meal without checking your phone/e-mail

36. To spell all those words you're always misspelling or unsure of on a daily basis
37. Words to use in place of 'like', 'um', 'said', etc.
38. Patience- or at least having more of it
39. Your family's medical history- because being informed never hurt anyone
40. Mastering parallel parking
41. Something random off of Youtube
42. The master skill of winged eye-liner

43. A really funny joke
44. How to play Chess
45. The lyrics to 'We Didn't Start The Fire'- because it's great for Karaoke
46. Calligraphy... or at the very least how to make your handwriting look better
47. How to properly care for your teeth
48. To not take everything so personally
49. How to skip a stone
50. To use the other settings on your camera besides 'Auto' mode

51. How to improve your posture
52. Fast ways to keep your house clean & tidy on a daily basis
53. To file your own taxes... or even what taxes are
54. Something 'adults' should know how to do but you've yet to learn- like changing your oil
55. Pairing wine with a meal


56. Brewing your own coffee in place of buying it each morning 
57. Dedicating 2 weeks to ridding (or starting!) a habit
58. Washing your hands more- because let's face it, most of us don't seem too worried about germs
59. A hobby you've always been interested in
60. Going an entire week without saying anything negative or bickering/judging
61. Writing a song or story
62. Applying more lotion- trust me, your skin will greatly appreciate it

63. Drinking only water for an entire week
64. Reading the entire constitution- because ignorance isn't bliss
65. Starting a side business/gig/website to make some extra money
66. Going one week off the radar- no social media
67. A recipe from your family cook book
68. One thing that scares you- conquer your fears!
69. Reading at least 6 new books
70. A Yoga/Cycling/Exercise Class

71. Watching a popular new TV series
72. Completing a 1,000+ piece puzzle
73. Going to a wine painting event/class
74. One week without drinking any Soda
75. Making your own lemonade
76. A food that you've never had before
77. Volunteering at a place that you've always wanted to help
78. Thinking positively in situations you automatically think negatively in
79. Dry Shampoo

80. Going at least one week without buying anything you don't absolutely need
81. Donating your old clothes/home decor/shoes/etc
82. Strawberry Picking
83. Leaving pennies around a toys store for a child to find
84. Listening to a new genre of music you've never tried/been into before
85. A new beer/wine/cocktail you've never tried
86. Watching all of the classic movies
87. Saying 'No' more when you really don't want to do something
88. Being more openminded

89. Public Speaking
90. Writing poetry
91. Taking care of a plant- you know, one that doesn't die within a week!
92. Applying for your dream job.... might as well give it a try!
93. Flossing everyday for at least one week straight
94. Fixing something around your place that's broken
95. Remembering someone's name when they say it
96. Something in the bedroom you've always wanted to experience *wink, wink*
97. Blocking/Un-friending anyone in your life who doesn't deserve to be in it

98. Checking in on someone you haven't talked to in a long time
99. Wearing something you love but don't think you can 'pull off'- because you can!
100. Leaving a generous tip & a happy note to go with it
101. Giving advice to someone who might need it
102. Listening to a classical music playlist & painting in your home
103. Making your bed everyday for at least one week in a row
104. Getting a library card & leaving notes in books for readers to find
105. A ballet class
106. Something someone has recommended to you (a book, restaurant, store, etc)

107. Seeing things from someone else's point of view
108. A class from Dabbble                                                                                                   
109. Attending a new group on Meet Up
110. Learning the basics of a foreign language
111. Watching your favorite movie in a foreign language
112. To find ways to relieve your stress without drinking/smoking/eating/anger/etc
113. Making friends with someone you typically wouldn't get to know
114. Reading classical poetry like Emerson or Frost
115. Being more engaged in your town's politics & social gatherings
116. Calling home more often
117. Writing a letter to someone you can't get over and mailing it- or burning it

118. Closing out of a website every time you're about to type an argumentative comment
119. Not jumping to conclusions
120. Asking instead of assuming
121. Making something crafty
122. Buying all white, fluffy towels- it makes a huge difference, trust me
123. Using that thing you're 'saving for a special occasion' on a weekly basis


124. An effective 30 minute-a-day work out plan that suits your health & work out goals
125. A clean, clutter free home
126. A photo album of 2015
127. The perfect, coziest bed you've ever slept in
128. A backed up laptop that's clutter free & operates more efficiently
129. A blanket fort in your living room- Yes, even if you're 30!
130. Super healthy meal plan for your kitchen
131. A new savings account- it could be for travel, a new home, saving for Christmas gifts, etc.
132. Homemade gifts for your neighbors/co-workers/friends

133. Cute Christmas cards.... and mail them out! Nothing like receiving Snail Mail in 2016!
134. A private Instagram account dedicated to documenting your year in 2016- for your eyes only!
135. An autobiography of your life up to this point
136. A shadow box for future goals & things you want to do
137. Letters to your future children/grandchildren
138. A budget that works well & that you can stick with for future years
139. A letter to yourself to read in 5, 10, 15 years
140. A letter to your future spouse (or current spouse- but to read years down the line)
141. That Pinterest project you've always been fascinated by

142. Something new for your home
143. Random notes to leave around for your lover/friends/family to find
144. Your ultimate music playlist
145. A library of all your favorite books
146. Your dream closet- or at least one that includes only articles of clothing you really like to wear
147. More videos- we're always taking pictures or Snapchats.... video more of 2016!
148. A time capsule to open in 2026
149. Family scrapbook/photo album of current & previous generations

150. A list of things you want to achieve in 2016... or 2017!
151. An atmosphere of love & vulnerability instead of building walls around yourself
152. Game night! For your friends, lover, family, or neighbors!
153. A really creative Halloween costume?
154. One memory during 2016 that you'll ALWAYS remember
155. A retirement plan outline- even if you're still not sure what you wanna do when you grow up!
156. The perfect meal for your lover, closest friends, or family
157. A collection of your favorite movies
158. Time to just unwind & be free from daily stresses
159. A plan for a huge vacation to take within the next year or two


160. Something new around your city that you've always wanted to see/do
161. Taking a midnight stroll
162. Catching up with an old friend
163. A staycation in your city (or hometown!)
164. Visiting a new place
165. The Color Run- or another Fun Run!
166. At least one amazing visit to the Spa
167. Hiking

168. A new restaurant that's just opened- & make sure to leave a Yelp review!
169. Taking a dip in a lake/ocean/pool during winter
170. Getting up early with the sole purpose of watching the sunrise
171. Horseback riding
172. Attending a Lantern Festival
173. Seeing a concert for a band/performer you've always loved
174. Making a wish in a fountain
175. Taking a short (or long trip) solely by yourself & being ok with being alone
176. A music festival

177. An adrenaline rush- from a rollercoaster, bungee jumping, etc
178. Reading stories from Humans of New York
179. Taking a bath by candlelight
180. Helping someone who can't help you
181. Paying it forward
182. Going for a drive on a backroad- with the windows down & music up
183. Hearing the life story of someone new
184. Laughing until your abs hurt
185. Throwing a party

186. A new sport you've always wanted to try out
187. A sporting event in your city
188. Finding an awesome deal on something you've been wanting/needing to purchase
189. A kiss that makes you re-believe in love (it doesn't have to be romantic! even pet kisses will do!)
190. Spending one weekend doing things you loved to do as a child
191. Visiting the zoo
192. Food at a food tasting contest/event
193. Getting up early on a day you otherwise would have slept in

194. Talking to someone you otherwise would never talk to
195. Seeing a play or show of some kind in your city
196. Being a 'regular' somewhere- it's nice having a place you can always go!
197. Enjoying the scent of a popping fire on a brisk, cold night under a blanket
198. Camping... or at least attempting to get back to nature
199. A CRAZY party- no matter how old you are, you're never too old to party!
200. Watching new life... it could be a baby, an animal, or even flowers blooming
201. History in the making
202. Spending an entire night out dancing until the sun comes up
203. Traveling more

204. A road trip
205. People watching at a local cafe in the downtown area of your city
206. Spending a weekend being completely lazy and in bed
207. Attending a convention for something that interests you
208. Going to an amusement park & letting loose!
209. Seeing someone else's dreams come true
210. Listening to a speech & feeling inspired


211. Learn more about yourself with a Natal Report
212. Being debt free this year (or at least one step closer)
213. Pointing your finger at a map & visiting wherever it lands
214. Feeling healthy- get a dental & body check up so you can know where you stand
215. The feeling of being fulfilled and satisfied with where you are currently in life
216. Take a personality test like the Myers-Brigg Personality Test and really think about the results you receive.                                   
217. Taking a stroll (alone) on the beach & watching the waves kiss the shore over & over again.
218. The peace with knowing 2016 is only one year & you have many years to come- this is just one chapter in your book and if you haven't done something yet, it doesn't mean you won't

This article originally appeared at Sequinaire 



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