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Aligned Signs Blog

5 Ways to Get to Know You — Colors, MBTI, Zodiac, and More!

5 Ways to Get to Know You — Colors, MBTI, Zodiac, and More!

Posted in Healthy Living on September 25, 2012
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If life is about creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. What steps can you take to understand yourself and others better? This is a question human beings have been asking since the beginning of recorded history. In fact, typologies and cosmologies have been spun to answer this question.

These 5 strategies will assist you in achieving that goal:

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting can tell us a lot about a person. Here are some interesting points about your handwriting style.

Handwriting that slants to the right is usually representative of an individual who is open and sociable. This person gets along well with many people and is likely to have several friends because of their good social skills. An individual who’s handwriting slants to the left, however, appreciates alone time and often enjoys working unnoticed as opposed to in the limelight. Lastly, if an individual’s handwriting neither slants to the left nor the right, he/she is a person of reason and often hides his/her emotions.

If your handwriting is large, you likely enjoy being the center of attention and willing to be in the spotlight. Large handwriting is a theme amongst many famous actors. On the other hand, smaller handwriting is representative of someone who’s often quiet and/or shy. 

Color Analysis

Just as your handwriting can reveal a lot about you, so can your choice of favorite colors. These are the colors you wear often or the predominant color of things that you own.

Although the meaning of colors is open to interpretation, here are some common characteristics of those with these favorite colors: 

Red is the favorite color of those who are passionate. Those who choose red are often brave, impulsive and aggressive. Reds are ambitious and constantly pushing to reach their full potential in life. Lastly, red can also be representative of a person who has a short tolerance and is quick to judge others.

Yellow is the color of those who have a big imagination. Yellows are often adventurous and enjoy exploring new things. A person who chooses yellow is wise, always learning and values all things related to strengthening the mind. Yellows also have a very good sense of humor.

Green is the favorite color of someone who embraces nature. Those who choose green are often peaceful, hopeful, calm, gentle, and sincere. As they value such peace, greens often avoid confrontation as a way to preserve harmony. Greens also tend to be modest.

Purple is representative of those who enjoy being unique. Purples often express creativity and are artistic by nature. A person who chooses purple is a person who is sensitive and particular about certain things.

Blue is a person who is tranquil and caring. Blues possess strong character and are often wise individuals. Although loyal and devoted, blues can often worry about things which ultimately results in pessimism.

A person who chooses orange as his/her favorite color is one who enjoys social life and activities. Oranges are very popular and they like to live an exciting life. Other characteristics of oranges include fearless and curious.

Pink is chosen by those who are loving and affectionate. Pinks have the softer qualities of red – they aren’t as aggressive or passionate. Pink is representative of a gentle, motherly figure who values protection.

The color white symbolizes purity and innocence. White is representative of youth and the

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