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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

A Season for Giving – To Yourself and Others

A Season for Giving – To Yourself and Others

By Aligned Signs (820 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on December 23, 2013

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Give the gift of giving back to others!

During the Holidays and the festive season, the spirit catches up and a lot of us will give things –food, medicine, clothes – to the less fortunate. It is a fantastic practice and something that we humans innately do. Acts of selflessness bring us happiness of a purity which can never be matched by materialism.

Infact, selflessness is long considered a higher state of being and sometimes said to take one closer to a state of connection with Divinity. True selflessness is achieved when there is no hesitation in parting and giving away even that which is most precious to us. It’s not sacrifice, but good intentioned generosity.

It is a lofty goal which is attained in steps. And a huge step towards that state is crossed when one becomes self-aware. This holiday season while you give gifts to others, gift yourself the promise to be increasingly aware of your own consciousness. It also helps that this quality has a high co-relation with success. Most great leaders, managers and entrepreneurs are highly mindful. And as the following methods suggest, it really is not that difficult!

  1. Test yourself: There are so many frameworks available which help you know yourself better. Apart from self-help websites there are tools like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®, Predictive Index etc. which you can use to find out about your inner machinations. They provoke reflection, assessment, and intrinsic development.
  2. Let Go: Forgive others and exonerate yourself. Negative emotions like guilt, shame and regret just weaken your mental and physical health. They hold you down. To break free, let bygones be bygones. Take a note about the positive qualities you find yourself, and reiterate them in your mind or out loud in a mirror.
  3. Eat healthy: Your body is like a machine, keep it in top shape and it will return it in folds. What you put in is what you get out.  So be sure to eat well and get your vitamins and nourishment to be at your best. As tasty as processed food is, human physic was designed for the balanced diet on the food diagram.
  4. Observe silence: As a culture, we have cranked up the noise levels by quite a few decibels from the times of yore. The background noise is a factor in stress build up. Find a quiet place and just shut off all noise; go away from all devices and activity for a few minutes. Use earplugs if you have to. It will help in hearing your own inner voice.
  5. Get your hands dirty: Use all your body parts. Notice your reaction times. Do house work, play with mud, walk, run, swim, do some gardening, play ball; working up your metabolism clears your thoughts.
  6. Keep track of your decisions: It is a good practice to note down your thoughts. The logical next step is to look them up a few months down the line and see whether you have been proven correct or not. In cases where you have been wrong, you will be in a better position to analyze. Note that as well and use this knowledge for the future.Express yourself: Write small stories, sketch, make doodles, make sand castles, snowmen or random statues from clay. Set your subconscious free to give you insights.
  7. Express yourself: Write small stories, sketch, make doodles, make sand castles, snowmen or random statues from clay. Set your subconscious free to give you insights.
  8. Listen to your body: The body tells you a lot both when it is happy or sad. It even gives you signals about impending dangers. Pay attention to all aches, pains and the feelings of ‘something does not feel right’.
  9. Question yourself: Ask yourself the ‘why’ question for everything you decide to do or not do, even for mundane activities. Make a chain of these questions and backtrack till you reach a core motive. You might be surprised with your answers!
  10. Breathe: Oxygen is the most vital input to the body and mind. Make sure you take enough deep breaths every day. A proper deep breathe involves filling the tummy completely when the air comes in and retracting the same when the air goes out. Focus on the process and you will find yourself coming to a calming state more quickly.

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