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Effective Ways to Network Like a Pro – Introverts vs. Extroverts!

Effective Ways to Network Like a Pro – Introverts vs. Extroverts!

By Jaynie Mae Baker (1024 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on December 12, 2013

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Be yourself and get to know others!Have you felt awkward and self-conscious when among strangers? Do you dread to go to parties where you do not know anyone? Is ‘networking’ difficult for you?

If you are an introvert who likes to be in your own private space, then the answer to the above questions is probably yes.

In current times, ‘networks’ matter. Social and professional pressures do drive introverts towards opening up and communicating with people more than they might ideally prefer.

When among people, many introverts wished they had the energy levels and skills of extroverts who seem to revel in these situations.

So are there ways to cope better? Yes there are. Infact with some effort and the following smart tips, it will be easy for you to start making better connections, even with people you do not know much about!

1. Visualize and make a plan

See yourself at the event. Chart out a few simple goals. It could be as concrete as ‘I will get 2 phone numbers tonight and follow them up next week’ or as simple as ‘I will walk up to 6 new people and talk for two minutes’. Make plans about what you will talk about, the questions you will ask, the answers you will give. After 4 or 5 events, the preparation will be like second nature to you and things will really become easy.

2. Arrive Early

This is important. As an introvert, you are more likely to be overwhelmed when you reach an event and find that everyone is already deep in conversation or having a good time and you have nowhere to go!

To counter this, show up twenty minutes before and introduce yourself to a couple of the early attendees. A few of them will surely be without company. Not only are you more likely to get favorable responses, it will also likely increase your involvment for the rest of the event.

3. Join a Queue

It seems a little odd but if you find yourself part of the line to the restroom, food counter, or name tag collection there are probably two people near you at all times. Striking up conversation about the queue is an easy way to begin conversation.

4. Break it up

Reward yourself with breaks after every connection. Make a point to make notes on the business cards that you get. This will allow for better memory and follow-up. Have a drink or enjoy your food while you unwind from your interactions.

5. Do a quick follow up

If you do not follow up, there really is no point. Also, do it early when the recall is pronounced. Follow up first with people you felt a better vibe with!

On the other hand, making useful connections is a little easier for extroverts because they are energized by people. They can chat casually and make small talk at will.

If you fall into the category of an ‘extrovert’, here are five ways to make your networking even more effective.

Enjoy yourself at your holiday party!

1. Listen More

There are times when an extrovert can just run away with a conversation, having a tendency of hording the dialogue. By listening more, you will give space and attention to the other person, showing that you have interest.  The conversation is supposed to be like a ping pong match, back and forth. Reiterating what the other person stated and then making a comment shows that you are really paying attention and value their input.

2. Select Your Topics Carefully

You might have a tendency to think aloud. But when chatting with strangers it is important to figure out their interests early and steer the conversation in that direction. One way to do this is to ask broad questions and encourage a speaker. Think through a topic before vocalizing your thoughts.

3. Open Honestly

There will be times when you will strike out in a conversation. To reduce this, trust your intuition to find a friendly face in the crowd. Once you have done that, state it to him or her in your opening line! ‘ You seem friendly’ – it will surprise you how often it works. Other positive lines like ‘What a nice party! Well Organized!’ work too. Walking up to a group and honestly asking ‘Can I join you?’ can be charming if done with a smile!

4. Adopt positive postures

As an extrovert, you might have the gift of the small talk but you need your body language to support you. Being assertive is a strength but at times can come across to others intimidating or hostile. Positivity, in thoughts and appearance, will make its presence felt! Try to refrain from putting your hands in your pocket or your arms crossed.  Having an upright posture with shoulders back and head up, shows confidence. Invest in yourself and others are likely to do the same, come dressed for the occasion wearing clean and ironed clothes. There are lots of distractions, your phone, other conversations, bright lights, etc., but keeping eye contact is of utmost importance to show that you are present in body and mind.

5. Count your drinks

Be frugal with your alcohol levels. A drink or two is fine but with more your jokes may not actually be as funny as you think and you might become unaware that you are repeating yourself! To avoid this, it is respectable to leave early once you have made your impact.


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