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Find Your Inner Passion – Never Work a Day in Your Life

Find Your Inner Passion – Never Work a Day in Your Life

By Aligned Signs (776 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on October 8, 2013

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Stressed out at work?

How many times have we left office in the evening and thought ‘Thank goodness the day is over!’ On Monday morning, we have ‘Monday Blues’. And we celebrate a Friday evening like a Nirvana!

Work is something that puts the food on the table. It gives us security, pays for the bills, is necessary for retirement and allows us the occasional vacation, right?

But what about being captivated by the excitement of what the day holds? On average, a person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime.1 Is it really worth it to be somewhere this long and not be able to find personal satisfaction in it?

When push comes to shove, most people don’t quit the job that they literally despise because they are scared of not having something to fall back on.  ‘What if I go broke? What if I am homeless in 6 months? What will my friends and peers think of me?’

But when there isn't much job security with Americans having 7-8 different jobs before age 30, is it really worth it? 2

There are those lucky few who ‘end up’ doing what they were meant to do. And they are probably the most fulfilled and cheerful people in the world.

But the rest of us have to make the individual effort to get over the insecurity and make that tough decision.

No age is wrong to start doing what you love to do.

It does not necessarily mean coming up with the next big idea or starting ‘Facebook’.

It can be that you love cleaning or repairing cars or solving puzzles. It is not as if everyone who does what they like is great at it from the beginning. But the simple logic is if you love something, you will naturally do it for a much longer time duration and eventually become more of an expert in the field!

The next set of questions are ‘how do I know what I am good at?’ What is my passion? How will I achieve fulfillment through work?’

Fortunately these are a little easier to answer than the earlier ones!

A lot of help is available online for this. There are tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® which use rigorous scientific methodologies that aid you in deciphering the facets of the kind of a person you are, why you have the thoughts that you have, what type of people you are likely to get along with and yes, what kind of careers you are likely to fall in love with!

Be happy with your career choice!The MBTI focuses on four dichotomies. Introversion vs. Extraversion tells you whether you would prefer to develop your ideas in a group or in a private space. Intuition vs. Sensing tells you whether you are prone to sniffing out hidden patterns or prefer being street-smart . Feeling vs. Thinking decides whether one is focused on logic or lean more towards empathy. Finally, Judgement vs. Perceiving expresses a partiality to making longer term plans or be more spontaneous.

The overall personality type determined by these dichotomies will provide direction to anyone looking for answers about his or her passion. The tool also gives you valuable information about what kind of profession you are likely to derive enjoyment from, your potential approach it and even the kind of people you likely find pleasure from surrounding yourself by.

On a separate note, quite a few employers have started using MBTI® to create a more harmonious and productive workplace where the roles of employees are more aligned to their preferences.

All of us spend a great deal of time at work. What we do needs to give us a sense of gratification, fulfilment and even the glory of achievement. Many use their career as a factor in giving validation of existence. To enjoy it is to really ‘live’ life!

1. Source: Happiness at Work, Psychology Today

2. Source: US Census Bureau

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