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Get to Know Those Born in the Year of the Monkey

Get to Know Those Born in the Year of the Monkey

By Aligned Signs (974 words)
Posted in Chinese Zodiac on September 4, 2013

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The Year of the Monkey

The Chinese Zodiac is a 12 year mathematical cycle in which the years are represented by a particular animal. It is believed that a person born in any particular year broadly displays the characteristics of the animal symbolising that year.

In some aspects, this system is similar to the Western Astrology which also has 12 signs. But in the Western system, a sign is attributed to a month whereas its Chinese counterpart is concerned with the whole year.

The Year of the Monkey is 9th in the sequence of 12. It is preceded by the Year of the Sheep and succeeded by the Year of the Rooster.

Years of Birth: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016…

The Monkey is a clever and playful animal. These qualities are seen in the people born in the years of Monkey as well.


For Monkey people, life is one big joyride. They are here to have fun and they really know how to.

“Work to Live, don’t Live to Work”

They do not take themselves very seriously. They laugh easily and can make others laugh too. People near them are always in danger of some prank or joke being played on them!

People born in these years are astute and street smart. It is incredibly difficult to con them. In life, love and career, they can figure their way around with minimum amount of resources.

Family is very important for them. It is one of their biggest strengths. Generally brought up in close-knit families, they will readily make the highest sacrifice for the happiness of their dear ones.

Monkeys also display a remarkable stability of mind, often under the most trying circumstances. Generally, it is not in their nature to fight for leadership positions. Yet they find leadership thrust upon them owing to their wisdom and calmness.


Like everyone, Monkeys have their weak points as well. Vanity and a superiority complex is one of them, if they allow it. Criticism, even constructive and helpful, is difficult to digest for them. It can make them sulk for days.

They can be insecure at times and do not respond well if they feel they do not have material comforts that they feel they deserve.

Like criticism, failure has a highly negative impact on them. Monkeys think of themselves as great planners and failing to achieve a goal for which they have made elaborate strategies to achieve is seen as major personal defeat.


Monkeys are confident and stand out in the workplace!

Few obstacles can stop the Monkey people from achieving their career goals. Their personality is blessed with all the right ingredients. Multi-taskers, high levels of energy, burning ambition and an inherent sense of problem-solving make them unstoppable in the corporate culture.

They pay great attention to detail and are very calculative. Accounting, Finance and audit are areas where they do well. Sales and marketing are strengths too. Infact, selling is second nature for them, especially of ordinary items where each transaction earns a small profit.

They do better when their jobs are projects based rather than routine. Their interest is the highest when confronted with a new challenge. So, being a stock broker, restaurant manager, or building contractor is also well suited.

Anything which keeps them moving is also a great fit, like stand-up comedians, film director, acrobats or dancers.

Most of the Monkey people are athletic and agile. Competitive by nature, they love to play and do well at sports. Hence, careers in various sports are also a possibility for the talented ones.


As a friend, the monkey is great fun to be with but are very private people inside. Though they always seem jolly, light-hearted and ‘in the moment’, it is difficult for them to share their secrets even with people that they have known for a long time.

Partners of the Monkey people are always highly entertained. But the Monkey does not commit easily. Also inherently s/he is suspicious and the partner will do well to accept this tendency in a positive way. Rat people are able to understand this and do well in relationships with Monkeys.

The other aspect that their partners need to adjust to is the constant need for thrill in the relationship. Monkeys may get bored without their thrill!  The trait is shared by Dragon people hence their compatibility with each other is high.

However, once committed, Monkeys are different people! As the partners become part of their family, the care and indulgence that the Monkeys show is unmatched. Hereon, they would not hesitate to do anything for their partners. 

What works?

Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue
Lucky Numbers: 1, 7 and 8
Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum

Famous People

Will Smith | MonkeyChristina Aguilera | Monkey

  • Tom Hanks
  • Will Smith
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Yao Ming
  • Charles Dickens
  • Julius Caesar
  • Halle Berry
  • Christina Aguilera

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