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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Gift Ideas All Father's Will Love

Gift Ideas All Father's Will Love

By Aligned Signs (643 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on June 10, 2016

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Father's Day takes place on June 19th this year, and it's time we give our fathers some recognition. It often feels like Father's Day is overlooked in comparison to the attention we give Mother's Day, and that shouldn't be the case. Fathers are there to guide us through life's obstacles. They are always full of wise advice and have years of experiences that are worth listening to. 


With that said, it's time we start thinking about great gifts to give dad. We should stop taking the easy way out by gifting our fathers with socks, slippers, and mugs. This year, let's get dad something he'll love and really appreciate. 

1. Fitness Tracker



Fitness trackers are all the rage these days and for good reason! Not only are many of them stylish, but they are also excellent at converting those who might not be interested in exercise to become engaged. You get a bit addicted to checking how many steps you've had for the day or even what your heart rate is. Many of these trackers also allow you to set up goals for yourself, and there's no better feeling than reaching a goal. Getting a fitness tracker would be great for any dad who is active or looking to get a bit more active.

2. Organizer



Is your dad a neat freak? Or is he the type of guy who has a place for everything in that giant pile of unknown items? Either way, getting organized is something we can all work on. The KeySmart is an excellent way to start. Instead of having a pocket full of jangly keys, the KeySmart puts all your keys away in one foldable item. You'll never forget or have to go through a number of keys again!

3. Brew Your Own Beer



There's nothing better than getting home after a long day and cracking open an iced cold beer. If you and your dad are beer lovers and have had long discussions over what beer is the best, getting a brewing kit would be a great idea. Not only is the brewing kit something your dad would have fun creating, but it's also something the two of you can do together!

4. Customizable Gifts



Who doesn't like a personal/customizable gift these days? A unique/less thought of personalized gift? A Personalized Natal/Birth Astrology Chart and Report! These charts and reports are created to tell us more about you and what makes you tick. It's a great way to start understanding yourself better and might be something fun your dad would enjoy.

5. Tile



For all the forgetful dad's out there, Tile will be their new best friend. Tile is a small Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use-app that helps you find anything you may have misplaced in seconds. All you have to do is attach, stick, or tie Tile to your most lost items and it'll do the rest! This Father's Day, give the gift of never losing an item again.





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