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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Know, Love or Are a Pisces? Find Out Who's Most Compatible!

Know, Love or Are a Pisces? Find Out Who's Most Compatible!

By Aligned Signs (2009 words)
Posted in Western Astrology on July 29, 2015

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Alleviate the curiosity and take a peek into relationship compatibility and connection for each sign in relation to the dreamy Pisces.

Pisces captivates us with their gentle yet idealistic ways.  Inspires us with their compassion for others and allures us with an innate romantic essence.  Of course these traits are most appreciated during the brief moments they choose to meander around the less interesting world of reality.

This water sign is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.  In latent terms, our adorable Pisces' love of ethics and values stems from the Jupiter moon placement at their birth.  The influence of Neptune leads to a preference for abstract thought, imagination, and mysticism.

Below is a taste of Piscean’s relationship compatibility with western astrology signs.

Pisces – Aries

Opposites attract!

If both people are willing step out of their comfort zone this duo will be able to explore deeper life experiences.  Aries will ignite fiery action into the often fantasy focused fish.  In return the calming nature of Pisces will tame the hot-to-trot ram.  Pisces lack of desire to hold the reins will eagerly give way to Aries lead, as long as their emotions and feelings are respected.  


Pisces – Taurus


Stability and peace are prized by both signs.  Pisces will bring glitter to the otherwise black and white view of Taurus.  The bull on the other hand will provide the shield needed to protect the often sensitive Pisces.  A simple trade-off is required to make this connection soar.  Easy-going Pisces needs to occasionally adhere to the rigid nature of Taurus.  In turn, obliging Pisces needs the freedom to explore their enchanted thoughts.  With this tiny compliance, a relationship will ensue built on a sturdy foundation of understanding and acceptance.

Pisces – Gemini

Communication is key to minimizing the bumpy waters.  Logical Gemini and the intuitive approach of Pisces can sometimes lead to clashes within this otherwise flexible twosome.  On a lighter note, both signs quickly let go of past hurts if there was no ill intention.  Indecision runs rampant between this couple so don't count the money until the check has cleared, as this fabulously open-minded pair might change their minds.


Pisces – Cancer

{#/pub/images/20619427_s.jpg}This relationship is hot. There is an unparalleled spiritual/emotional comprehension and empathy shared for one another. You two just ‘get’ one another.  A shared cultivation of compassion and kindness toward humanity solidify Pisces and Cancers deep connection.  Cancer's practical manner enables the floaty fish to focus in on a specific plan of action.    These two waters signs are diligent in their efforts to preserve the relationship.


Pisces – Leo

This connection might puzzle onlookers but a shared idealistic heart's desire rests at the core of these two signs.  Leo will grab the hand of their willing Pisces to attend social events in which the ego-inflated lion will claim center stage.  Leo's outgoing attitude will encourage Pisces to let go and experience the world.  The more reserved style of Pisces will smooth out the rough edges of Leo's brash personality in an effort to avoid injuring feelings.  Together they can change the world one baby step at a time.


Pisces – Virgo

Life long friendships and relationships have a nice head start between Pisces and Virgo.  A humble balance exists between Virgo's organized and departmentalized life preferences and Pisces' ambitious but lofty thinking.  Virgo provides a grounding effect to this fishes often unstable emotional waters.  Virgo is factual, Pisces poetic but together they create a world of win-win relationship success from easy compromise and a healthy commitment to one another.

Pisces – Libra

A mutual fondness for avoiding conflict keep Libra and Pisces whistling along.  Unjust practices and unfair people get the blood pumping hard through the veins of the fair focused Libra.  Pisces pauses to express empathy and compassion, but not quite acceptance, for the offender help to expand Libra's world view.  A lack of dialogue is the achilles heel in this relationship bond.  Both signs are tuned in to their partners differences and make a genuine effort for the sustainability of the union.


Pisces – Scorpio

It is no mystery that the intense charm of Scorpio woos Pisces.  Despite the sometimes painful bite of Scorpion claws, sensitive Pisces absolves the Scorpio's guilty conscience.  The heartfelt acceptance and understanding exuded by Pisces heals Scorpio’s inner traumas. Pisces prefers an extended courtship and Scorpio a more hands on approach to life and everything in it.  Awareness of personality nuances guide these two signs to a happy medium.



Pisces – Sagittarius

Relationship clashes can be avoided if both people are on path with a shared destination.  The method of approach to life by these signs may seem peculiar to the other but nonetheless tolerated.  Protective Archer will stand tall against any real or imagined threat against sensitive Pisces.  Annoyance factors flare up when straight-talking Sagittarius feels they need to pull-teeth for an answer from the pondering fish.  Not quite irritant free, Sagittarius’s restless energy seriously messes up the zen factor in the dreamy fish.  Shared idealistic and imaginative traits create a strong admiration for the other.


Pisces – Capricorn

Bona fide harmony exists between these two signs.  Pisces depends on its slightly sarcastic but realistic counterpart to deal with aspects of social and professional life.  Whereas the Capricorn's feeling of adoration is compelled by the Pisces' kind ways.  Looking beyond practicality and peering into the inwardly creative realm of Pisces, Capricorn is able to absorb previously inconceivable joys of life.


Pisces – Aquarius

Intellectually attracted to the obscure, Pisces and Aquarius feed off each other's need for knowledge. Unable to verbalize their puddle of feelings, cerebral quarrels are easy won by the seemingly intimacy allergic Aquarius.  Pity to those who don't share the prospective of the Aquarius and shame on Pisces for letting other peoples problems permeate their happy bubble.  With a constant hammer like reminder to be mindful of each others needs, this union can thrive despite the frequent growing pain adjustments.


Pisces – Pisces

Look in the mirror Pisces, you are fabulous!  Profound connections are established by the Pisces-Pisces devotion to meaningful interaction.  Striking a balance between fantasy and the daily struggles of lame land-life will have to be a shared pact.  Yes, coloring within the lines can also be beautiful at times.  A shared devotion towards the happiness of one-another allow the normally shy Pisces to delve deep into the emotional waters their fellow Pisces.


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