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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

A Guide to a Blissful Relationship with an ESTJ

A Guide to a Blissful Relationship with an ESTJ

By Aligned Signs (685 words)
Posted in Myers-Briggs® on September 16, 2015

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ESTJs are clear in their mind about what they want. Most of them are known to be outspoken about their views. Their communication is effective reflecting the clarity of purpose. They set long term goals and then stick to it. The best part is they get the job done. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are some of key virtues associated with an ESTJ.

These values flow into their relationships as well. ESTJs generally take dating very seriously. Their relationships progress naturally from fun dating to mature relationship to even onto marriage. They place a high premium on family values and good old fashioned love making! They believe in tangible expressions of love rather than mere words. Flowers and poetry are not for them!

Relationship Strengths

What makes the ESTJ relationships stand apart is the vigor they bring to them! They are generally the driving force which propels not only the relationship but also the personal growth of their partners.

They know how to take care of their partners. Their approach to it, like in everything else, is direct. A strong aspect is that they do not shy away from conflict if it resolves misunderstandings and unspoken awkwardness.

ESTJs are strongly rooted people who believe in themselves and their partners. Their support is unwavering. They are quite protective of their partners.

There are always times when the relationship goes through a rocky phase. ESTJs approach at these times is calm and full reassuring rational attitude.

{#/pub/images/tumblr_m8e6br4wY41qg74ow.jpg}Relationship Challenges

ESTJs can be demanding of their partners. They expect the same level of effort, energy and intelligence that they bring. Any slacking off and the tempers may rise!

The direct logical approach lacks the subtlety that fragile emotions can demand at times. ESTJs can be brutally blunt as they really care about being ‘right’. They may fail to read the mood of the situation and the underlying thought process of their partners.

Once set, it is hard to change their mind. They have long term goals which do not change much but their partners may not always buy in to their objectives. This lack of flexibility can be detrimental to the relationship.

Best Matches

ESTJ get on like a house on fire with ISTP and INTP. They have a hard time dealing with an overdose of feelings. The introverted nature of these two types serves as a willing audience for the vivacious ESTJ.

The stronger Intuition in case of INTP is good for the healthy relationship with ESTJ. It helps in seeing what goes beyond the obvious and opens new possibilities. Similarly a stronger Thinking function is highly important for them to be able to relate with their partners.

The more Perceiving nature of the INTP and ISTP adds spontaneity to the relationship and allows the ESTJ to loosen up a little.


Tips for a strong relationship

ESTJs need to break out of their bubble of unchallenged opinions. The obstinate ESTJ gradually needs to be softened. Their partners will have a big role to play here as they need to do it in a way that does not harm the relationship.

The partners have to learn to accept the sometimes brutal honesty of the ESTJ. On the other hand, the ESTJ should look to be more aware of the situation and possible impact of words they use.

An ESTJ will be very happy if its partner spends more time with his family and friends. Most of the decision making should be left to the ESTJ; he would be good at it and feel good about himself too!

The partners will do well to know that excess sentimentality will not be received well!

Both the ESTJs and their partners should make efforts to live in the present and enjoy every moment rather than plan for the distant future all the time. This will bring a proper balance of the present and the future in the relationship.






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