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Get to Know ESFP! The Performers of the MBTI

Get to Know ESFP! The Performers of the MBTI

By Jaynie Mae Baker (785 words)
Posted in Myers-Briggs® on June 24, 2015

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ESFP is an acronym which stands for Extroversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perception. This is one of the sixteen categories under the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®. The dichotomies defined by the MBTI® are extensively used to understand the day-to-day preferences of the various personality types.

ESFPs are bundles of energy. They live ‘for’ the moment rather than in it. If anyone knows how to enjoy the present, it is them. Being friends with an ESFP is a pleasure as they know how to make anyone feel special. They have the vivacity to cheer anyone up especially if it allows them to put up a show!

Personality Traits 

ESFPs are highly social. They are the life of any gathering. The effect they have on the people is mesmerising. Wit, humor and charm are all deployed in good measure as an ESFP goes to work to win a heart!

ESFPs look to push their own boundaries. They will be willing to give almost anything a go atleast once. Boldness is a strong positive as they are never bogged down in a comfort zone.

Standing up for people and what is right is another plus. Courage, an ability to articulate arguments and observation of details make them formidable campaigners of causes close to their heart.

On the other hand, ESFPs lack the foresight to plan for the future. This can hurt them as the need to live the fullest every moment will lead to mounting credit card bills and inevitable stress & depression. Deep-seated insecurities make them quite sensitive and they can get easily hurt. Emotional fragility leads them to avoid conflicts.



A relationship with an ESFP is a whirlwind ride. Initial dates will be sensational. The variety and depth of experiences that an ESFP will dish out is unmatched. Their partners will have the time of the life as the ‘The Performer’ regales them in every possible way.

When the relationship becomes more mature, the ESFP may lose interest. Never known for good planning, he/she will always hesitate to take the ‘next big step’.

ESFPs are also known to date just for the thrill of it. This might lead them to go through many partners with an unnerving ease. When the liaison stops being fun, the ESFP may move on so their partners better watch out.

Among other personality types, they get along well with ISTJ and ISFJ. The introversion of these two types contrasts well with the extraversion of ESFPs. They are also able to help the ESFP plan better for the future.

They love physical intimacy a lot and are caring and affectionate partners. Their partners are advised to deal with them with care as they can be irrationally sensitive.



ESFPs have an irresistible charm. Their communication skills are excellent too. Hence they do well in marketing and sales roles.

As mentioned above, they are born performers. All professions involving being on the stage or being in the spotlight like being an actor, stand-up comedian, live performers etc. are right up their alley.

They are always on the hunt for excitement and stimulation. They are quite suited to high-intensity project based roles like those of a photographer or an event planner.

They genuinely care for people, hence working for social causes, activism and even counselling can be possible career paths.


Famous People

John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Hefner, Richard Branson, Larry Elison, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, Steven Spielberg, Denzel Washington, Justin Bieber and Cameron Diaz.




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