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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Relationships with INFJ: Positives, Negatives & Compatibility

Relationships with INFJ: Positives, Negatives & Compatibility

By Aligned Signs (707 words)
Posted in Myers-Briggs® on August 26, 2015

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INFJs have the rare ability to not just dream but also execute their plans and make the dreams come true. The combination of Intuition and Feeling gives them an innate understanding of right and wrong.

Though gentle in their interactions, they are fierce fighters for the ‘right’ ideas. Equality, balance and rights of the people are some of ideas that motivate them. Frequently their energy is directed in creating an egalitarian society.

They can connect easily with a diverse set of personalities. INFJs take great care of the other person’s feelings and expect the same in return. Due to their superior communication skills, they come across as extroverts but their partners will do well to recognize their true nature. Occasionally, they will need time and space to withdraw and recharge. The relationship with an INFJ is hence a complex textured endeavour.


Positives of the Relationship

{#/pub/images/18856195_s.jpg}The INFJ is a very caring partner. S/he would have taken a long time to figure out the person s/he wants to be with but once in a committed relationship, the INFJ goes all out to please her partner in every way.

INFJs are generally in the relationship for the long haul. Casual dating is not a concept that they understand.

By nature, INFJs are loyal and dependable. Their partners can rest easy knowing that they would not be lied to!

Since INFJs understand feelings like no one else, they are the ideal partners to talk to. They can join in the joys or bring comfort in miserable times with equal ease. They are great motivators as well and fully support their partners in all situations.

INFJs are here to improve on everything! That holds true for their relationships too. That said, they are the least demanding of partners; infact, they quietly do all the mundane things required to keep the relationship chugging along.


Negatives of the Relationship

INFJs are sensitive. They can be easily hurt, at times even without their partners’ knowledge or intention. {#/pub/images/5351890_s.jpg}

More importantly, they are aware of their fragile feelings and hence take a long time to really reveal themselves to their partners. The fear of getting hurt works against them.   

They do not like to be involved in quarrels and conflicts and tend to avoid them. This passive trait can be frustrating.

INFJs can seem disconnected from reality. They are also inclined towards slow and measured actions. It requires a very patient partner to bear with this combination!


Best Matches

The INFJ pairs up very well with ENTPs and ENFPs. The intuitive nature of these two types helps them understand an INFJ well. The extroverted function balances the INFJs need for space, especially in social situations.

The INFJ’s superior planning abilities allow the partnership to progress naturally through the stages. The decision making also becomes easier with the better judgement of the INFJ.


Tips for a strong relationship

{#/pub/images/18473962_m.jpg}The relationship with an INFJ will be rooted in truth and honesty. The INFJ cannot handle a lie or a manipulation, however noble the end result may be.

Physical intimacy with an INFJ is never to be taken casually. For them sex is almost spiritual. If it is not, they find it difficult to express themselves.

The INFJ will have a need to be alone. At other times, s/he will also seemingly do much to please others. These should not be taken as signs of loss of interest in the relationship.

Interactions with an INFJ require a lot of patience both because of their sensitivity and dreamy nature.





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