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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Spring Clean Your Diet with the Latest Food Trends!

Spring Clean Your Diet with the Latest Food Trends!

By Aligned Signs (752 words)
Posted in Diet on May 14, 2015

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Spring is the time of new beginnings! It is a good time to make appropriate diet changes to feel more active and full of energy.

Rather than going for drastic changes, it is a time to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that hit the market, drink more water and add more unprocessed food in your diet. Here are a few tips.

  1. Cook simple meals – You will spend more time in the kitchen. And you will be better off as you will cut down on packaged meals. Instead fresh whole foods to create simple dishes high in nutrients and low in calories. This way you avoid the extra sugar, sodium and fat of the processed food. Increase raw foods; these require more chewing and hence the brain is tricked into a feeling of fullness. Pound for pound, raw foods release fewer calories after digestion. They are high on fibre too.  {#/pub/images/20680241_s.jpg}

  2. Manage your drinks – First, cut down on alcohol. Second, tank up on water. Cola and sweetened beverages need to be reduced. There are tastier and healthier options around. Your refrigerator should have enough plain water and sparkling water. It is a little known fact that dehydration can mask itself as hunger. So if you are not drinking enough water, chances are you will unnecessarily eat more. You can increase the intake of milk. To make your juices tangier, add a slice of lemon or orange. Mint leaves in water will also leave you refreshed.

  3. More soups, salads and smoothies – Spring is the perfect time for pureed asparagus soup. You add garlic and shallot to sautéed asparagus before the broth. Then you let it simmer. Seasoning is upto you.

4. At every meal, fill up half your plate with vegetables. Divide the remaining between grains and lean meats.


{#/pub/images/19358389_s.jpg}Make as many salads as you can with different colourful fruits and vegetables. Interestingly the pigments which are responsible for color of fruits and vegetables are actually antioxidants. They help fight stress. You can try a combination of strawberry and apricots with other salad ingredients. Or an egg preparation which includes red bell pepper. Add the various berries to your smoothies. Juicing fruits is an option too.  

5. Buy unseasoned meat – You can always at your seasoning of herbs. Try more of poultry and lean meats than the processed variety; these will be fresher as well.

6. ‘Green’ snacks – You don’t want to be in a situation where you make the right effort at your major meals but slip up when having snacks! So plan a little in advance about what you will have. Again go for the fresher ones like eggs which you can prepare in various ways or combinations of beans, yoghurt and vegetables. Also, you will not go wrong with options like raw nuts and plain simple pop-corn!

7. Remove artificial sweeteners from your diet – Processed sugar adds empty calories which go to your waist! It also encourages you to eat more. This Spring, cut out the processed sugar and replace it with fructose in fruits and natural sugars in dairy products or even vegetables. Stay a strict ‘No’ to artificially sweetened yoghurt, juices, breakfast cereals and even pasta sauces!




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