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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Want to Know If You Two are Compatible? Travel Together

Want to Know If You Two are Compatible? Travel Together

By Aligned Signs (984 words)
Posted in Relationships on September 9, 2015

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It can be a few months or even a few years in: your significant other invites you on a vacation or trip alongside them. This is an exciting milestone in a relationship. You look forward to memorable and beautiful times spent side by side sipping cocktails on a beach, or cozy nights snuggled in front of a fire miles from home.

Travel comes in many forms, and can be truly wonderful. But in our Instagram-filtered lives, it can seem like traveling with a partner is always wine and roses.

The truth of the matter is, it isn’t. Travel, although it’s easy to forget, can come with inherent stressors. Flights get delayed. Connections get missed. There are language barriers. Someone gets food poisoning. Sure, most trips are free of real disasters, but there is still an added energy and unfamiliarity to travel that simply throws you unexpected curveballs.

If you’re in a new relationship however, traveling is one of the absolute best ways to assess you and your partner’s level of romantic compatibility. Ready to find out if you’ll make it for the long haul? Pack your bags and learn more about your partner than ever before.

Travel Can Bring Out the Worst


Ultimately, it is the stressful parts of travel which most test us as people. When adventuring with someone new, pay close attention to how he or she reacts to problems both big and small. How does your boyfriend handle several hours of plane travel? Is she easygoing on a road trip, or trying to control every aspect? As you navigate the unexpected, you’ll learn if your partner is a cool-headed wanderer or a hot-headed whiner and whether or not this is what you’re looking for.

A Shared Sense of Adventure


Going on a trip with a partner lets you see how compatible your adventurous sides are. Some couples are complete risk takers, and their travels are always filled with outdoor activities and wild stories. Other pairs might be more reserved, preferring to play it safe, perhaps traveling closer to home and seeking more traditional experiences. You can find out on your first trip where your significant other falls on that spectrum. If you have completely opposite views, this can present a challenge. The timid one may feel miserable, going along with things he doesn’t want to do, while the more adventurous one grows resentful and frustrated. This is not a recipe for fun. If possible, discuss before your trip what your plans entail, but remember to be flexible and accommodating. Even if you and your partner don’t share the same sense of adventure, you might find that they can teach you something or help you expand your horizons. In such cases, compatibility can grow if both partners are open to it.

Where’s Your Comfort Zone?


Depending on your level of travel experience, you might find that the two of you are in very different places when it comes to travel. Your boyfriend may be outgoing and talkative, schmoozing with the locals and trying his hand at the local language. You, however, might feel cautious in an unfamiliar environment and prefer to keep to yourself. This is not a make or break situation, but can make for some push and pull when it comes to planning your vacation. It’s important to be respectful of one another’s personalities, but also speak up if something doesn’t feel right to you. Traveling will certainly introduce these elements into your life, so you can get a great  read on your natural compatibility.

Organization, Money, and More


No one likes to think about the mundane parts of travel. Reservations. Passports. Currency exchange. Budgeting. But these, unfortunately, are necessary evils. You may already have an idea of how your partner handles money and stays organized at work or in life, but travel will showcase this even further. You can observe one another in a place where you are free from work and the pressure is off. You’ll discover how she spends money and you’ll see how he excels (or fails) at organization. Did she lose her Passport? This doesn’t mean you’re incompatible if you’re a control freak who never misplaces anything, but it can mean you’ll have some compromises to make together.

What about you? Have you traveled with a partner? What did you discover about your compatibility with him or her?

Amy Dresser is no stranger to traveling with her partner. She and her boyfriend Nathan are world explorers, and run a blog focused on travel and love. Two Drifters chronicles Amy & Nathan’s global adventures in words and photographs, and strives to help readers, whether traveling solo or as a couple, learn how to travel farther and love better.


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