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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

What Makes A Man Fall In Love

What Makes A Man Fall In Love

By Aligned Signs (671 words)
Posted in Relationships on April 8, 2016

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He's into you. He's not that into you. How's a girl to figure out what messages a guy is sending her? It's been long debated whether there is a specific moment when something will finally click and a man will realize that he is totally in love. Though the answer is not for certain, we can all agree that whenever that moment happens to click, that is when a man will fully commit to you.


When relationship experts and matchmakers were asked about this specific moment, they all agreed that it's pretty impossible to pinpoint a moment. However, they did give us a little bit of insight into the inner workings of a man's mind. It all comes down to 4 primal relationship desires. 

1. The Desire to Protect


In this day and age, it might seem a bit dated to act like the damsel in distress but men have an innate desire to protect. Even if it's something small like asking if he can help you move or help you build something, you are showing him that he is needed and that will mean everything to him. A man just wants to feel like someone's Superman every once in awhile and it's also just nice to show your vulnerability from time to time as well.

2. The Desire for Freedom


We all want our freedom. And though some of us love doing everything with our significant other, it is nice to spend time away from one another. Your man might be in complete bliss in your relationship, but he also wants to be able to hang with his boys from time to time. Men don't want to feel like they have no choice in the matter and don't want to feel like they no longer have their own identity outside of the relationship. So let your guy go out own his own from time to time. You can even blow him off so he questions what else he can do to grab your attention back.

3. The Desire to Shine


Even if your man seems completely confident and even a bit arrogant, trust us, he still has some insecurities. He will always want to feel appreciated and respected, so let him know that. Ask him for his opinion or advice. You can even do little things to remind him of how amazing you are. If his confidence grows when he is around you, he will be even more attached and committed to you.

4. The Desire of Comfort


Falling in love is a process of letting your guard down and being 100% comfortable with one another in your own skin. There is no need to impress anymore and just being is everything you could need. If your man stops thinking about your relationship as a relationship and just enjoys it, that's when you know you have him. Some things you can do to show him how comfortable you are is letting him see you get ready and stocking your place with certain brands he prefers. 



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Comments (1)

sarah posted on: April 5, 2019

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