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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Posts filed under 'Healthy Living'

Blood Type and It's Effects on Your Love Life, Personality, and More!

Blood makes us who we are. Differences in blood characteristics are reflected in everything about us: Personality, metabolism, moods and choices. Here is a look at different blood types. Type O This type predates every other! It represents...(more)

The Secret to Feeling Fantastic

Whether you're just starting out on the dating scene and feeling like you'll never find a partner, or you're starting the New Year wondering why you're feeling pretty rubbish, there's always at least one reason or another for you to think about how...(more)

Empowering New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! Have you decided on your resolution for the upcoming year yet? Instead of setting an unattainable resolution that you may find discouraging to keep, try setting a few that you can work on throughout the year. All of the goals listed...(more)

Finally Get A Good Night's Rest! - The Quality Sleep You Need

Stay Connected -            Sleep is a unique aspect of our lifestyle—we spend a third of our life doing it, and we're not alone: Every creature on Earth needs it. While a Giraffe can do with 2...(more)

New Year, New You — 27 Resolution Ideas You Can Actually Keep

Stay Connected -          The New Year is here at our doorstep. Most of us will spend at least some time pondering resolutions that we will absolutely keep—because there needs to be at least one...(more)

Embrace Your Beauty: Simple Confidence Boosters

Stay Connected -          This is the age of impressions. The old adage ‘you can never make a second 1st impression’ holds true, more than ever before. Confidence and a positive attitude to life...(more)

10 Tips to Make Love Last and Your Relationship Stronger!

Love is a complicated feeling. Few people truly understand it. It is often confused with attraction, friendship, or even need for support. But whatever it is, we humans cannot do without it. Unconditional acceptance, happy co-existence and validation...(more)

Start Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Stay Connected -          As fall approaches, it’s back to school time! Classes and dorms will be full again and young energy in the air! But unfortunately where ever there is a crowd, there is the...(more)

Feng Shui: Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Stay Connected -          The ancient Chinese culture has quite a few practices for use in routine life. Chinese Zodiac, to understand and predict behaviour, is one such system. Feng Shui , pronounced...(more)

10 Tips to Eliminate Stress and Increase Relaxation

Stay Connected -          We all know the fast-paced world we live in, the pollution that we face, the worries that we go can be overwhelming. Stress is a reaction to something that disturbs or...(more)

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