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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Posts filed under 'Healthy Living'

Juicing – A Lifestyle Change for a Happy Life

Stay Connected -          Juicing up is not merely a dietary change. If adopted as a life-style routine it influences how you look and feel over a period of time. Detoxification through juicing leads to a...(more)

[INFOGRAPHIC]: The Love Connection - Intimacy, Health and Longevity

Stay Connected -          "Love is one of nature’s best tinctures for a healthy mind and body, but sex might be slightly better. A bout in the bedroom can be as physically productive as a gym visit;...(more)

The Body, Mind and Soul Connection

Stay Connected -          As thinking beings, we like to divide things up and analyse the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a system. It is just how our thought process is wired. But there are holistic...(more)

Alternative Medicine: Know Your Options

Stay Connected -          There are instances when conventional medicine is unable to treat intense pain or even fatal diseases. In such situations, patients turn to alternative medicine not just to seek...(more)

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy – Top Foods for Wellness!

Stay Connected -          In this day and age, lifestyle pressures, pollution and stress take a heavy toll on the body. The pace of routine urban life ensures that most of us miss out on a properly balanced...(more)

Intimacy — When and What to Disclose to a Potential Partner

Stay Connected -          Most research tells us sex is one of the most pleasurable activities to indulge in for humans. And...well, we don't really need research to tell us that, do we? We live in an age...(more)

Not So Guilty Pleasures - Splurg for Yourself

Stay Connected -          The time has come: You can officially stop feeling guilty about those little habits that you once thought were “bad-for-you” that you cannot seem to...(more)

Stress and Nutrition: A Notable Correlation

Stay Connected -          Stress is unavoidable, but sometimes it is necessary. A certain amount of stress is needed to motivate us toward our goals. The healthy, necessary stress is sometimes referred to as...(more)

Connect to Thrive: Social Connection is Important for Good Health and Well-being

Stay Connected -          Social interaction is the most basic form of communication for humans as a whole. Although we all have busy lives due to family, work and education, evidence suggests that humans...(more)

Is Your Personality Affecting Weight Loss?

Stay Connected -          While it is stating the obvious to say that we are all different, it is especially true when it comes to our relationship with food and exercise. But can your personality make you...(more)

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