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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Posts filed under 'Healthy Living'

Stress and Nutrition: A Notable Correlation

Stay Connected -          Stress is unavoidable, but sometimes it is necessary. A certain amount of stress is needed to motivate us toward our goals. The healthy, necessary stress is sometimes referred to as...(more)

Connect to Thrive: Social Connection is Important for Good Health and Well-being

Stay Connected -          Social interaction is the most basic form of communication for humans as a whole. Although we all have busy lives due to family, work and education, evidence suggests that humans...(more)

Is Your Personality Affecting Weight Loss?

Stay Connected -          While it is stating the obvious to say that we are all different, it is especially true when it comes to our relationship with food and exercise. But can your personality make you...(more)

5 Ways to Get to Know You — Colors, MBTI, Zodiac, and More!

Stay Connected -          If life is about creating and maintaining meaningful relationships. What steps can you take to understand yourself and others better? This is a question human beings have been...(more)

Foods that can Elevate your Mood

Stay Connected -          People often turn to medications when they’re feeling down, but they may need to turn to their kitchen cupboards instead. The term “comfort food” is more than a...(more)

Diet and Increasing Your Immunity

Stay Connected -          A lot has been said about increasing your immunity against diseases and other health issues. For centuries, various cures have been suggested. Some have been complex formulations;...(more)

How To Be NEAT And Healthy – and I’m not talking about cleaning your room!

Stay Connected -          In 2002, Dr. James Levine proposed a new approach to health and fitness. He referred to it non-exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT. In his seminal paper, Levine described...(more)

How Music Can Impact Your Health and Mindset

Stay Connected -          While it may sound rather New Age or at least outlandish, music does more than “soothe the savage breast.” It actually does have powers to help you improve your health....(more)

Man's Best Friend: How Pets Contribute to Your Health

Stay Connected -          Did you know that having a pet may actually increase the length and quality of your life? Recent research1 indicates that having a pet may be one of the best investments you can...(more)

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