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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Posts filed under 'Positive Thinking'

Facing Unemployment? How to Make This a Positive Experience

  Stay Connected -          Facing Unemployment? How To Make This a Positive Experience Being laid off from your job can come as a big shock and worry for people. Unfortunately, over this difficult...(more)

Numerology: What is it, and what can it tell you about YOU?

Curious about the underlying meaning and numerology behind your name and life path?  Then, you have come to the right place.  Numerology is a system that predicts personality characteristics and the future of a person by using the vibrations...(more)

What are your Individuality Trademarks?

By getting in touch with who you are, you’ll be better equipped to connect with those individuals who bring out the best in you. Being vulnerable (which means putting yourself at risk for attack) is the first step—it’s scary,...(more)

Love Language Quiz

By Aligned Signs, Posted in Positive Thinking on March 2, 2014
There are (1) comments

Do you know the language you like to recieve love in?  Do you know your partners?  Find out if you are communicating what you really need in a relationship to feel loved.  If you dont know what you need, then that makes it really hard to...(more)

7 of Life’s Toughest Questions and Fears – Resolved!

Stay Connected -          Inevitably, there will be a point in everyone’s life in which one goes through an existential crisis. It is common to ponder questions like “why am I here?” or...(more)

A Season for Giving – To Yourself and Others

Stay Connected -          During the Holidays and the festive season, the spirit catches up and a lot of us will give things –food, medicine, clothes – to the less fortunate. It is a fantastic...(more)

Effective Ways to Network Like a Pro – Introverts vs. Extroverts!

Stay Connected -          Have you felt awkward and self-conscious when among strangers? Do you dread to go to parties where you do not know anyone? Is ‘networking’ difficult for you? If you are...(more)

Fall Festivities to Ignite That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling!

Stay Connected -          Love is eternal. It does not need a season to celebrate. But an excuse to spend time together with your loved one and make delightful memories is always a great idea! So, rake in...(more)

Find Your Inner Passion – Never Work a Day in Your Life

Stay Connected -          How many times have we left office in the evening and thought ‘Thank goodness the day is over!’ On Monday morning, we have ‘Monday Blues’. And we celebrate...(more)

[INFOGRAPHIC]: Life is About Making Connections

Aligned Signs is the first of its kind to offer tools that have made a place in our culture and history to help you learn more about yourself and connect with others on a deeper, more genuine level. Get a closer look at your multifaceted makeup by...(more)

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