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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Searching 'myers-briggs'

Using the MBTI® in Everyday Life: Personal Growth

Stay Connected -          The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the most recognized and commonly used personality assessment tools available. Taking the MBTI® assessment...(more)

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Tool and Love Preferences

Stay Connected -          In the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Assessment, Carl Jung’s four cognitive styles are broken up into 16 different personality types. Each type is designated by...(more)

The MBTI® Assessment Tool: Beneficial for Professional & Personal Understanding

Stay Connected -          The first and most important thing to comprehend about the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Assessment Tool is that it is, as its name implies, a tool. It is not a test, nor is it a...(more)

Introverts vs. Extroverts: Traits, Careers, and More!

Stay Connected -          Carl Jung was the Swiss psychiatrist who coined the terms "extrovert" and "introvert". He is also responsible for formulating theories about the collective unconscious, archetypes,...(more)

Aligned Signs: We’re Not Your Typical Relationship Site

Let’s face it: dating sites have become pretty ubiquitous over the past decade. Even if you’ve never found yourself searching for a mate online, it’s likely that your favorite TV show has at one point been interrupted by a man and...(more)

Earth, Water, Air and Fire: A Guide to Understanding Your Sign Compatibility

Express Yourself When people ask, “What sign are you?”  they are referring to your sun sign. The sun sign in astrology is significant to how you express yourself. While novice astrologers might confuse expression with personality...(more)

Learning From the Myers-Briggs® Assessment

Stay Connected -          The Myers-Briggs ® assessment is a personality questionnaire that has its roots in World War II, when it was first drafted in order to place women into jobs that they would be...(more)

What Is The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator or MBTI Personality Tool?

Stay Connected -          One of the common buzz words in business and even among family members is the “Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator” or “MBTI®." Yet, while the words may casually...(more)

Personality Types Of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment?

Stay Connected -          The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument is a means through which any individual with an understanding of the system can help determine a personality type. It is based on the...(more)

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