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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

How Introverts and Extroverts Are Different

Introverts and extroverts don't always understand each other. But science has revealed physiological differences between the two that help explain their differences in behavior and shed light on our misconceptions about them both. An extroverted...(more)

2016 Chinese Zodiac Overview

Chinese New Year Day is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This year, Chinese New Year Day is February 8 2016 but the official celebrations begin on February 7, 2016. It is also the Year of the Monkey, the ninth sign in the zodiac. Take a look...(more)

2016 Western Astrology Horoscope

It's the beginning of a new year and we've got your horoscope overview! How will 2016 fare for your love life, career, travel, family, finances, and health? Curious? Then take a look at your horoscope sign below and find out!   SEE...(more)

200+ Things to Do in 2016

It's almost 2016 which means we're all thinking about our new years resolutions & how to be a better person. This list includes things to do and 2016 new year tips and new year ideas to try! Instead of attempting to change and putting so much...(more)

30 Tips for The New Year You Want to Remember

With 2016 just around the corner, everyone is starting to look forward to what they can accomplish in the new year. Though it's great to have new resolutions written down and ready to tackle, it's also important to keep certain notes in mind. Here are...(more)

15 Things to Keep your Relationship Healthy and Loving

Relationships are the spice of life. Your life is full of zest and enthusiasm and all seems well with the world when you're in one. But like all great things, relationships take work and aren't always smooth sailing. If you've been lucky enough to have...(more)

Quick Short-Cuts for Great Health!

When celebrities flaunting amazing bodies give advice you probably think ‘Well she’s got the time to do that’! They have the trainers, the dieticians, the money and the time to focus, right? You never really have the time to follow all...(more)

Thursday is Redhead Day! 9 Fun Facts About Red Hair

Got red hair? Thursday is your day to celebrate. It's the first ever "National Love Your Red Hair Day!" The holiday was started by two redheaded sisters who wanted to help other gingers embrace and love their fiery locks. To help celebrate, here...(more)

Emotions Revealed: The Eyes Say It All

There's a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul and there's a reason for that. Your eyes give away your feelings, even if you are trying your hardest to hide them. From the position of your eyebrows to the movement of your eyes, these are all...(more)

A Happy Halloween Portion Guide To Keep You On Track

The leaves are changing and the nights are getting darker. The warmth is slowly fading and chilly breezes are more frequent. Fall is here and one of the best Fall holidays is upon us, Halloween! Lucky for us, Halloween falls on a Saturday this...(more)

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